How to create a web application using react js?

by WeDoWebApps

With the advent of technologies, developing mobile-friendly web applications has become a common phenomenon. As we know, most of the people prefer mobile over desktop when it comes to exploring different companies. That’s the reason businesses seeking for a new web framework that can provide reliable and scalable web apps. This is where ReactJs come into play!

As per various research reports, it is estimated that there are 1,365+ developers and 94000+ websites that currently prefer ReactJs app development for their business. And this phenomenon is giving no sign of relaxing anytime soon!

If you’re planning to develop a website for your business or want to change the existing website, then look no further than ReactJs framework. It will not only help you enhance ROI, but also attract more visitors.

So what exactly is ReactJs?

ReactJs is a toolkit for creating user interfaces introduced by Facebook in the year 2011. To simply put across, React is a solution that helps developers to resolve issues faced when building user interfaces. It enables developers to create intricate user interfaces that have components that will change regularly over time without writing tricky JavaScript codes every time.

React majorly focuses on the front-end framework, which is why it is quite different in terms of functionality. Precisely, it is a user-interface library! No doubt, the framework includes similar aspects of front-end, but its primary goal is to organize HTML elements into components.

Why startups, businesses, and enterprises moving towards ReactJs for app development?

Here’s a list of reasons explaining why businesses prefer ReactJS framework for developing web applications:

  1. Virtual DOM-

Using virtual DOM is the best ever thing in this modern world. It allows you to create an in-memory data structure cache memory and list down the resolutions differences. All thanks to this extension! After that you can now update the presented browser DOM efficiently.


  1. Interactive interfaces-

ReactJs gives a chance to its users to manipulate the designing features, which is why key interfaces flow in a more relaxed and faster way. As per your own preferences, principles, and tastes, you can develop an interface by hiring top ReactJS App Development Company for your next project. This essentially operates in the following two ways:

  • Loop – Developers can use loop orders to develop representation views in the React frame. However, loop is offered in both Angular and React, it is much easier to use in the first.
  • Nest view- It allows the developers to control the nested elements within the ReactJS in easy way.
  1. Advanced performance-

When you hire ReactJS developers, they reduce the problem of lagging behind other apps that are developed using the same platform. It has the power to automatically update on-page apps that often do not require reloads for redrawing UI. No matter whether your target audience uses a tablet, mobile, or smartphone, they simply won’t face any difficulty in loading a large graphic web page.

  1. Easy-to-use-

The complexity level of using ReactJS development is one of the first things to mention. As compared to AngularJS, it is more straightforward. It was invented to streamline the process of development, programming, and administration of resources. But, you need to acquire knowledge of JSX and HTML that is declarative and strict coding style.

  1. Alternatives-

ReactJS can be used like a rock, which is capable of killing any obstacle. It is an alternative to numerous other libraries, which you boast within the coding process of your web resource. For instance, jQuery, Backbone, and Angular are such additions to JavaScript. All the functions available in these libraries are now available within the ReactJs extension.

  1. SEO friendly-

The biggest problem with Javascript frameworks is that it does not fit well with search engines. As a result, this reduces the overall search engine ranking, which negatively impacts your web pages or developed apps. But ReactJS can help you get rid of this problem. It gives you a chance to run the application on a server, while the already tinted virtual DOM could signify and come back to the browser as a standard web page.

  1. Flexible Development- 

When ReactJS was launched in the market, many businesses took it for granted. But many enjoyed the automatic upgrade in the maintenance and developmental process of ReactJS. It enables developers to overcome numerous limitations and prohibitions within a coding process while picking up the most seamless and comfortable ways to resolve specific problems and strategies to govern your front-end project.

  1. Quick access to developers-

As it is one of the most popular frameworks among the developer’s community, many newbie want to learn this programming language. Therefore, finding a ReactJS developer is quite easy; you can also opt for ReactJS application development companies.

Let’s get an idea about the top brands using React.js app development

You would be surprised to know how many companies in today’s competitive market use ReactJS for their business:

  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Atlassian
  • The New York Times
  • Khan Academy
  • Groupon

And the list goes on. But as you can see how many big giants are utilizing ReactJS for their business and thriving in the agile market. Due to obvious reasons and as we’ve mentioned, the reasons above for choosing ReactJS makes this framework the most preferred choice across the market.

Okay! So,how to build an app with ReactJS?

Step 1- Install the ReactJS project:

In the visual display unit, type the following command:

  • npm install –g create-react-app
  • create-react-app wa-react-app

After installing the project, start the application using the following command:

  • npm start

Step 2- Register a Service worker:

Services worker acts as alternative servers that take a seat between app and network. Utilizing service worker, you need to seize the network requests and serve the cached files. It lets your web page to function even if a system is offline. However, ReactJS is providing one registerWorker.js file inside src folder. Initially, create a blank service-worker.js file inside the public folder. Add the following code to it:

ReactJs App Development

ReactJs App Development

ReactJs App Development

After that, add the following code inside index.html to check whether the browser supports the service-workerjs file or not.

Once you add code, see your browser’s console panel and find the message like “service worker registration successful.” This means your browser supporting the service worker.

Step 3- Tell the browser it’s a web application-

Then, you need to add some code to inform the browser that this, not an ordinary web application; this is the web application. So add the following code inside <head> tag in the index.html file.

  • <meta name= “mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

The same goes for mobile devices and especially iOS devices.

  • <meta name= “apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

Step 4: Create some bootstrap react components-

To begin, add the bootstrap to the project. You need to use CDN. So add the link inside the index.html file. Besides that, create one component folder inside the src folder.

  • <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” integrity=”sha384-Gn5384xqQ1aoWXA+058RXPxPg6fy4IWvTNh0E263XmFcJlSAwiGgFAW/dAiS6JXm” crossorigin=”anonymous”>

Now create one component called Navbar.js inside components folder.

ReactJs App Development

Now add the Navbar.js component inside the App.js file.

ReactJs App Development

Now create new component inside components folder called content.js

Create some bootstrap

Now also add this component inside the App.js file.

Bootstrap react components

So finally, you will create an essential component powered by the web application.

Step 5: Add splash icons-

You need to add a 512×512 image to show up the splash screen, and to achieve it update the manifest.json and add the image in the public folder.

Add splash icon

Step 6: Deploy the application in firebase-

Throughout the process, we are only missing on HTTP and caching that will be fixed later once the project is deployed. Update the doCache flag to correct in a service-worker.js file. Next, create a new project based in the firebase-console with the name React web application app. Run the following commands in a project directory:

  • npm install –g firebase –tools
  • firebase login
  • firebase init

After the initialization of the firebase, your firebase.json file should look like this.

 Deploy the application

Ensure your hosting object look as per the above image. Finally, build the production version of the application:

  • npm run build
  • Deploy the app in the firebase.
  • Firebase deploy
  • Then you can see the application live!


ReactJS is a revolutionary toolkit that enables giant companies to develop robust, scalable, and rich-in-feature web applications. It is allowing businesses to excel in the dynamic market with elegantly designed websites!

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