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5 Dec, 2022 | WordPress development services

Is WordPress Better Than Custom Web Development?

Is WordPress Better Than Custom Web Development?
Considering creating a website for your new business?  But do you need clarification about whether to use WordPress or go with custom web development?  If yes, then you are in the right place. Many business owners feel overwhelmed and confused due to the extensive planning and preparation that typically goes into creating websites.  There are already many website builders available, but the vast majority offer only a few hosting, design, and functionality options and can hardly take into account your custom development needs!  The only alternative is to use the WordPress content management system, develop a custom website, or choose a WordPress development company USA for your development needs.  There are various examples of web development using the two platforms. Although each option has particular advantages, it is safe to say that none is the best platform for web development. Let’s get into details one by one. 

What Is WordPress? Is WordPress Losing Popularity?

inside_img1 Source WordPress is an open-source content management system that powers over 42.4% of websites on the internet.  You can host and create websites using WordPress. Thanks to WordPress's template system and plugin architecture, you can alter any website to meet your company, blog, portfolio, or online store. WordPress users can select from various pre-built templates per their needs. Since it is an open-source platform, you may discover free and commercial templates too. However, not every business may be a good fit for adopting a pre-made WordPress theme. You might choose a theme, but it might not meet your needs. And then you will use several plugins for every need, and in the end:
  • Your website speed will get affected
  • You won’t be able to get what you desire off
  • And you will feel stuck with the given layout options.
And, the vicious cycle will continue.  Instead, businesses can develop a custom theme rather than starting from scratch. Several WordPress development company the USA provide these services for business owners. A unique theme offers these advantages.
  • Gives full functioning and aesthetic appeal.
  • Remove the theme's optional features that you won't require.
  • Maintaining quality across all phases of development
Not all businesses have a separate development staff. In these circumstances, working with a development company that hires WordPress developers is advised.  This allows a business to focus on the data it needs while its outsourced development team takes care of the functionality and adjusts the visual effects as needed. The foundation of your WordPress website is its plugins Whether you need to add contact forms, enhance SEO, speed up your website, build an online store, or enable email opt-ins, they offer crucial functionality.  With the help of a plugin, your website can perform all the tasks you require of it. The most well-known WordPress plugins include WooCommerce, WPForms, HubSpot, and Yoast SEO.  And to answer the question, no, WordPress is not losing its popularity, and it’s here to stay.   Another arising question is Does WordPress have a future? And the answer is: Yes, it does have a future. Read More: A complete guide to WordPress Web Development

List of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using WordPress:

Let’s Start With Advantages:

  1. Significantly less expensive: Using a theme is the best option financially. Most paid themes are under $100, making them an excellent fit for companies on tight budgets.
  2. Custom designs: Although it may seem like these are one-size-fits-all solutions, they are remarkably adjustable. Custom WordPress development services enable business owners to have what they require in a more customized way. Compared to custom website design, you'll probably have more freedom to customize your website to your needs by changing the font, text size, layout, colours, and more.
  3. No expertise required: Alternating WordPress themes don't require coding or design expertise; anyone can do it with the help of WP plugins. So, once you get a WordPress site developed by a web development company, you can constantly update your site in the future. 
  4. More rapid: A few clicks are all it takes to install a WordPress theme. You can get started right away after customizing your theme.
  5. Scalability: Because WordPress themes are designed to work quickly and with a variety of websites, scaling them is easy. You may easily add more pages and information without worrying about creating new designs.
  6. SEO-friendly: Most WordPress themes have integrated SEO elements. Even if the theme you choose isn't fully optimized for SEO, there are many great SEO plugins for WordPress.

Disadvantages of WordPress Site

  1. Not custom: You are primarily constrained by the elements and design of the theme, even though there are many modification options. Any customization or sophisticated functionality that you desire must be implemented.
  2. Early support: Since these are DIY solutions, you'll need to hire someone to install and customize the theme or ensure you're comfortable doing it yourself.

What is Custom Web Development?

inside_img2 Source A custom website is the sole alternative to a pre-built template. You'll need specialized people for this decision, such as a website designer and a web developer. The downsides of WordPress may prompt you to think about creating a bespoke website, but this choice is not without its pitfalls. If wordpress is so good that it powers 46% of the website, why do businesses go for custom web development? One answer could be Full control over the look, speed, and functions.  Although WordPress is an extensive website builder in itself, it can slow down your site significantly as you need to keep adding plugins to add new features.  With custom website development, you get complete control over vital functions like speed, aesthetics and functions.  As is evident, prominent companies and manufacturers frequently use customized websites. Although both of these approaches can result in beautiful websites, they have some significant differences. Because each of them caters to different types of people's wants, your pick might have a big impact on how successful your digital marketing strategy is. Read also: A complete guide to WordPress Web Development

Technologies Used For Custom Web Development

Making the greatest server-side technology choice is a key choice that programmers must make to provide the best custom web application development company providing these services.  Depending on the technology they employ, businesses can improve key custom web and mobile app development aspects like scalability, security, maintainability, project cost, etc.  inside-img3 Source Node.js, ASP.NET, Django, and Ruby on Rails, according to Stackoverflow, dominate the market. These technologies are widely used in web projects and are quite popular among programmers. We have gathered some essential details regarding each of these technologies as a result. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Custom-Made Websites 


  1. Security purposes: Custom web application development company ensures that the custom websites adhere to more significant security requirements than open-source options. Working with a company or designer on a custom website lowers your risk of being a victim of a more Significant breach because you are operating within a closed-source network.
  2. Maintenance: It's not always a good idea to do your repairs. A competent website designer should handle routine maintenance to ensure that enhancements are well planned, performance is not harmed by changes, and the website has a professional appearance.
  3. Being innovative: in business is crucial to success, not just attractiveness. By switching to custom websites, businesses can avoid using templated designs that have been used on several other websites.
  4. Content: A bespoke website construction package typically includes additional support services. To maximise the effectiveness of websites, for instance, high-quality content is necessary; working with a website design company's content developer guarantees the content is effective.


  1. Costs: Since website design is often more expensive than the WordPress alternative, small businesses might not be prepared to cover the expenses.
  2. Timing: Creating the site and any anticipated updates will require a long time. Hence, custom website development is not the right option if you lack time. 
  3. Complexity: To ensure a coordinated approach to the design and development process, a customized website design requires formulation, negotiation, and adherence to a contract. However, this lengthens the process, making it a drawback to carrying out this action.

 Comparison: Custom Vs WordPress


WordPress Custom Development
Pricing Lower side. Since developers are not building the site from scratch, and WordPress sites can be wrapped up within budget.  Higher Side. A custom website can start at $10,000 for a simple five to a 10-pager site.
Time Needed Less time-consuming.  Depends on the complexity of the design, and features.
Maintenance Can be maintained by updating plugins and themes.  Requires professional support to maintain the code.
The two options previously mentioned are great for anyone who needs a website or webpage.  Nevertheless, WordPress websites are less expensive than those that are custom-built. They are also modular, which makes it easy to alter, update, and improve them.  Due to the shared basis used to construct them, they have an inherent vulnerability. WordPress websites aren't as secure as ones made from scratch.  Due to their significant adaptability, they can be adapted to any system, function, or design, but doing so requires a high level of technical expertise. In contrast to custom-built websites, which businesses upgrade to when they have the necessary funds, WordPress websites are entry-level online publications for those on a tight budget. Keep in mind that creating the website is only the first step of whatever choice you make.  You'll additionally need to pay for hosting and a domain. To put it another way, running a WordPress website itself may cost a lot of money if you choose a costly domain name.

WordPress Vs Custom Website: Who Wins? 

WordPress is a fantastic platform for both people and businesses. People can avoid spending their time on programming by adopting WordPress Themes. 
However, if you're in the business sphere, you will need a WordPress development company USA  that provides custom WordPress services and custom WordPress plugins. However, the contradiction is brought into play if you are a business and come across a website-building company that uses third-party WordPress Themes. If a web development company doesn't create websites, why would you engage them?  Need a business site within a tight timeline? We can help! Contact us to get custom WordPress development services, a place within a set timeline and budget, and touch new revenue quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to use WordPress or create your website?

Websites built from scratch are more search engine friendly than those made from WordPress. It might perform better in search results than a website developed using WordPress CMS templates. Any business that wants to increase internet conversions and create leads must be aware of this.

Do professional websites utilize WordPress?

Web developers build most websites using WordPress, but not all websites. Only seasoned web developers entirely understand its proper application. In this piece, we examine WordPress usage among web developers—why, when, and whether they ought to learn it for their careers.

Why is a unique website required?

Custom websites deliver a better user experience. You know what irritates them and how you might help. Your target audience can be kept in mind as you use bespoke web design to build your website. You can incorporate all the necessary components to engage your audience and provide them with what they need.

Written by Tarun

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