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Magento Website Maintenance Checklist

Magento Website Maintenance Checklist

Published : 15th, October 2022 Edited : 15th, October 2022
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Building a website is one thing: maintaining that website is the next major step that many tend to ignore. Once you are done with the extensive procedure of developing a website, it is imperative to monitor the website’s growth. A website developed by Magento is a high performing and high-fidelity website. To keep the good work going, you need to meet the support and maintenance requirements of the website from time to time. It keeps the issues in check and makes sure that your customers are happy and increasing.

Magento Website Maintenance Checklist

No customer using your website would seek the lenience of a Magento web development company. They want their website to run bug-free and without any hassle. The populace today does not have much patience to wait for a website, caters to their needs. They expect the website to run freely, without any issues, and the Magento web development company shall ensure issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Magento development needs great efforts from the developer’s side. Thus, there is a need to check regularly from his checklist that we’re providing whether your Magento website is running smoothly or not.

Various steps for Magento Maintenance:

Here we are providing a few things that you must inculcate in your Magento maintenance schedule. First, hire a dedicated Magento developer to keep your website under supervision. The dedicated developer must be aware of the things required to maintain a general website and the differences between Magento. For example, Magento store performance is primarily based on how well you maintain the website developed on it. 

A website will deliver the desired results only if the sustenance of the website is done correctly and with regular care. Entrepreneurs ignoring this aspect of website development often finds themselves in hardship. The growth of a website is somewhat proportional to the amount of time and effort put into its supervision. Look at the following steps and see how many of these you are following. Obey these steps, and you will find your website thriving in just a few months.

  • Analyze the performance of your website: 

Taking a look at the website’s performance will be beneficial in understanding the issues related to its functioning. Regular follow-up on the performance portal will help you comprehend potential issues of the future. Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance and overall execution of your Magento website. Hire a dedicated Magento developer to get this work done if it seems tedious. 

Make sure the page loading speed is average. Today users do not have much patience with digital devices and platforms. If they find a crack in the speed of a website or an application, they’re ever ready to shift to another one. Hence, to not lose out on your customers, ensure the performance is speedy and durable. Form submissions, content display speed, and spam traffic all should be well in control.

  • Website speed: 

The significance of the website loading speed is well comprehended by a Magento web development company. A fast-loading website facilitates the users with smooth page navigation, store views, and view page aspects of the website. 

On the other hand, digital visibility is negatively impacted if the web loading speed is slow as it proliferates the chances of cart abandonment. Therefore, this comes under a significant heading of the monthly checklist of the Magento maintenance website. Running a test of speed is thus essential for the Magento web development company.

  • Security at its peak: 

Executing various security measures is a crucial step of website development and maintenance. Especially if you have an e-commerce platform wherein the user is bound to share necessary sensitive information with the website, taking responsibility for such sensitive data is imperative. 

The world runs on trust. Acquiring your user’s faith is the foremost step in building an excellent user-developer connection. Thus, ensure a secure rollout of your website to confide users by your website. A slight inadequacy in security measures can lead to the loss of thousands of customers just over a few days or even hours. 

Take the example of WhatsApp here. The moment it rolled out its new “Whatsapp privacy policy 2021”, people suspected a breach in its security measures. The application is bound to provide a vastly secure platform for its worldwide users, and it lost a lot of customers in just a few months. It was only after the new policy and several advertisements that the public was reassured of its security.

Customers get attracted to secure, fast-loading, and relatable websites more than appealing websites based on their looks. This makes security, safety, speed, and performance primary facilitators of website traffic, not design and appearance. Although, of course, appearance does make a huge difference. But it is not everything. While the opposite is true for other aspects discussed.

So that you know, search engines are programmed to prioritize safe websites over unsecured ones. So any gap in the security measure might lead your website to rank down in the list, thereby putting your business growth at risk.

  • Broken links should be checked: 

Broken links should be checked:

Another issue that needs to be addressed while maintaining a Magento website is broken links. Magento 2 migration often witnesses this issue. Magento store leads the users to a dead-end in this condition. As a result, user experience is compromised, and users are more likely to abandon your website for their goodwill. Google and Bing webmaster are some tools that come in handy to search for the broken links in your website. Pick them out and fix them with all the expertise from Magento web development company.

  • Website forms need testing: 

The forms in your website that are required to be filled, such as the credentials of the user, the personal details, etc., are likely to have bugs and cause trouble sometimes. A user does not want to be stuck on a single page for long. Sometimes, putting in the required information can get tricky, especially the username, passwords, etc. This negatively impacts the user’s mindset, and they are likely to get ahead without taking the hassle of the website. A minor mistake in this area is expected to ruin the ranking system for your website. Make your get this one right.

  • Order processes: 

The next thing in line is to make sure the orders process is lined up correctly. User experience gets affected as a result of faulty offer processing. The processing of an order is quite a lengthy process for the customers. That’s why it is essential to do well. The features like add to cart, wish listing, payment gateway, and address addition are all to be checked regularly for their proper functioning. Unfortunately, most websites do not perform well in this aspect. If your website stands out in the order processes, It generates the potential of attracting more customers and returning customers.

  • Backing up of data: 

Backing up the stored data of the website is essential and needs to be taken care of with utmost responsibility. If, by chance, anything happens to the website, there has to be a backup of all the stored data on the website. This way, your website is more secure than others. As a result, you can ensure the excellent performance of your website, and no need to worry about losing customers.

Moreover, it saves your website from various online threats that can potentially crash your Magento website. Hire a dedicated Magento developer for this purpose as they are equipped with the skills to carry out this task.

  • Content should be updated regularly: 

Ensure that the content on your website is updated from time to time. Magento websites are all about updated and fresh content. A user should not feel monotonous when opening your website. The mediocrity in the monotonous content can lead to the failure of a vast Magento store. 

To avoid becoming the sheep of the hearing, you must revamp your website with fresh and innovative content. Move out of your comfort zone and create something out of the box. Do not settle for less, so your customers are not stuck with mediocre stuff. This helps improve the user interaction and user experience as a whole. Content should be developed according to the new digital marketing guidelines to be enticing. 

What else could be done?

Here are some pointers that might help your maintenance procedure of the magnetic website that you own. In addition, we have created some lists of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance. Follow these checklists and discern your website back on track soon.

Daily checklist

  • Messages and inquiries from customers should be attended to.
  • Visual inspection of the website is an excellent way to alleviate any potential threats to its growth and sustenance.
  • Check updates of the e-commerce market daily.
  • Track orders and shipments for their decent functioning every day.

Weekly checklist

  • Backing up data keeps you ahead of time. Make sure your website is secured from future unexpected incidents.
  • New features in the market must be looked up to at least weekly so your website doesn’t lag amongst others in the market.
  • Content must be updated frequently.
  • Any errors occurring shall be paid heed to and fixed as soon as possible.
  • Availability and out-of-stock products should be tracked.
  • Take a step ahead and advertise your business via different platforms.

Monthly maintenance checklist

  • Security must be checked regularly
  • Page load speed should be checked for its tempo
  • Check your store online on different tools and analyze its performance.
  • Contact forms are to be appropriately tested.
  • Discounts and promotions always have your back on the website
  • Customers who have abandoned your store better be contacted and called back with enticing offers.
  • Services and products to be refreshed.

Yearly checklist

  • Accounts should be tracked.
  • Unnecessary data that’s not required anymore, along with the extension, to be removed.
  • Magento 2 migration is an excellent way to upgrade the e-commerce that you own.
  • Strategies shall be reviewed in the market.
  • Have plans ready for the future of your website.  
  • Analyze the market and know your competitors.


Magento development, or any digital development for that matter, is more than just developing the app or website. Once the tedious development task is done, it is imperative to check the website or application to ensure its growth. A business will grow only if the website engages with its customers and is given much attention. Therefore, good service and excellent performance are the key ingredients to the success of Magento web development. So, get the right resources and experience with WEDOWEBAPPS LLC Magento development company; get in touch with us.