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15 Sep, 2022 | iOS Development Company

Titbits of Latest Apple Event : Newly Released Devices, and Features

Titbits of Latest Apple Event : Newly Released Devices, and Features
September is the most anticipated month for Apple product users. It might seem more about hardware rather than software at first glance; but, what is an advanced gadget without feature-rich and cutting-edge software updates? The apple users are mostly waiting for the new iPhone launch, or iPad, and Apple Watch. Nevertheless, the real fun is contemplating their progressive facets that bring revolutionary changes in lifestyle, facilities, comfort, and pleasure (aka. User experience!).  Expansive space, higher capabilities, and futuristic changes work in favor of iOS app developers as well. The new launches with ultra-modern attributes are much-awaited Apple products for users who like to use upgraded devices. If you have missed the live event and are too lazy to go through the YouTube video or the website, here is some brief information about the latest Apple Event, September 2021. Let’s begin with iPhone, the most demanded and purchased apple product:

iPhone 13 Pro 

  • Body
iPhone 13 Pro (6.1”) and iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7”), both are available with sleek looks and in 4 different colors. Steal body makes the phone lighter, and with a Ceramic shield, Apple claims to give sturdier than any smartphone glass screen to the users.  With IP68 water resistance, your phone can withstand dirt, sand, and water. It also means that your iPhone is safe as long as it is 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes. 
  • Camera
Why do you think there are Apple Photography contests? Because iPhone cameras have consistently proven their worth with clarity and relevant intricacies. The best part is the camera, as it gets the most significant upgrade in iPhone history. This super-intelligent software is loaded with Film-making and photography techniques.  With an impressive smart chip and powerful macro photography, it changes the way you shoot videos. The ultra-wide camera with redesigned lens and autofocus system brings epic results. So, when you try to capture the smallest thing, the lens displays your perspective behind it. That’s not it; macro video redefines how you record videos by rendering remarkable results irrespective of time-lapse or slow motion. Those who like to capture the details at night will benefit significantly as you can use night mode on any camera. The ultra-wide cameras allow you to click a photo with desired agility and required light, whether it is nature or a portrait. Get extraordinary cinematic videos to make your storytelling interesting. Even if the shooting is done, this smartphone allows you to edit depth effects. Remember, no other phone but Apple’s iPhone can do it.  You can zoom as much as you like without compromising quality—experiment with various features, including studio-quality light in the portrait mode. New iPhone camera is made with such details that the Smart HDR4 feature optimizes each part of a photo. So regardless of the number of people, the camera adjusts in a way that justifies every appearance in a picture. Along with the aforementioned features, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max offer several other customizations at your fingertips. Set depth, warmth, color contrast, and much more as you want to have an incredible experience.  Last but not so least, you are getting 1 TB of storage; quite sufficient to store those high-quality images and videos, right? Read also: iOS App Development Tools and Remarkable Apple Store Apps
  • Display
ProMotion and brand new Super Retina XDR changes the game with a 120HZ adaptive refresh display.  It refreshes 10 to 120 times as per the requirements. It speeds ups and downs as your finger moves to scroll.  It brightens up the graphics when required and deems down when you need to save battery.  It is so fluid that you would know you have never felt like this before, only after using it because iOS 15 has already been optimized for ProMotion. Have your gaming experience with striking graphics and stunning performance with A15 Bionic. 

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 (6.1”) and iPhone 13 mini (5.4”) are pocket-friendly compared to iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has a similar rock-solid body, efficient functionalities, and eye-pleasing color contrasts. The major thing that differs is the colors of the device; you can have Pink, Red, White, Blue, and Black colored devices.  It comes with a water-resistant feature along with a dual camera, cinematic mode, and Dolby Vision HDR. So now, you can click a picture without lifting your finger! The night mode and portrait mode are as exquisite as they are in the Pro and Pro Max. So, worry not! If you are planning to buy one of the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 mini, you wouldn’t have to trade-off the quality.  The phone consists of cinematic mode, night mode selfies, portrait mode, photographic styles, smart HDR4, Dolby Vision HDR recording, deep fusion, and much more.  Starting at 128 GB storage space, the Retina XDR display gives exceptional brightness, colors, and edge to photos, videos, gaming graphics, and texts as well. iPhone 13 has an increased battery life of 2.5 hours, whereas iPhone 13 mini has an improved battery life of 1.5 hours. In short, all the newly launched iPhones are packed with the latest technology, including the fastest chip, faster CPU, augmented reality, powerful optimizations, guaranteed privacy and security, and caliber for the 5G band. 


New iPad and iPad mini are all things creative, and you will know that as you read further. Let’s have a quick view of newly launched iPads. iPad comes with an A13 Bionic chip, whereas the iPad mini comes with an A15 Bionic chip.  The iPad is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. You can work, play, learn, create, and entertain yourself from a bigger and better screen. It does not just add a device to your life but value. iPad OS15 brings an outstanding gaming and creativity experience to your day-to-day life with a faster processor, responsive design, and interactive user feel.  You can take notes, watch sports, movies and draw with vivid colors as the display ensures to comfort your eyes with color temperature. It has impressive camera features where you can click and shoot as well as edit them.  You can also type hand-written notes with the help of a smart keyboard and an Apple pencil. However, there is much more to the iPad which should be experienced rather than read. iPad mini is handy and intelligent in every aspect of work, learning, and creation.  Small yet powerful iPad mini has a unique color display, with excellent gaming experience, 40% faster CPU, and double faster machine learning Neural Engine. It has a new screen design, super-fast 5G facet, Apple pencil support and comes in four different colors.

Apple Watch

Apple watch series 7 is as advanced as it could be as the company claims it to be the most durable watch ever as it is water, dust, and crack resistant.  With 33% faster charging, it comes in 5 different colors (to match your persona!). For the first time, the Apple watch has a full-screen resolution that generates great impact while using it.  The display will remain on all the time, and it will be 70% brighter indoors while your wrist is down. In addition, it is quite convenient as you would not have to lift your hand, touch the screen, or face it to watch time, notifications, or other information.  Made to comfort your vision and touch, you can operate the watch by tapping, typing, or swiping! The company vouches over watch’s resilience power, and I am sure you will find plenty of YouTube videos testing the same in the near future.  This wearable device will remain popular for health insights and innovations. For example, you can measure blood oxygen level with sensors, take an ECG anytime you want, and track your heart rate. This feature also comprises sleep tracking and mindfulness, ensuring a healthy mind, body, and soul. While talking about health features, how can we miss workout tracking? You can track any workout and movement from the watch to note the progress and relevant metrics. With astounding health and workout tracking features, Apple Watch Series 7 inspires you to push limits, aim higher and reach your desired goals.  As mentioned earlier, it charges 33% faster than Apple watch series 6. It goes 0 To 80% within 45 minutes, and the best part is, 8 minutes of charging gives 8 hours of life to the watch. So if you are always on the go, this watch is made for you! Use the Apple wallet to pay for anything, at any time and anywhere, making life as smooth as possible. Another feature lets you create a family Setup where you can pair up the iPhone with Apple watches of Children and other adults who are not using the iPhone. How easy it is to stay connected! There is no other watch as beautiful as Apple Watch aesthetically; integrated apps, colors, fluid-like display, and numerous helpful characteristics make Apple Watch Series 7 one of the best wearable devices of all time. Wrapping up: Using apple products has been lucrative for plenty of businesses and users, and hence, the demand keeps increasing. With the information given above, you have found device-specific features and details. We hope it will help you make a better decision of which device you want to purchase and what features it consists of. Apple has always amazed its users, and it continues with newly released devices as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices were released at the latest Apple event?

At the latest Apple event, several devices were released including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 7 and the iPad (9th generation) were also released.

What are some new features on the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 has several new features including a redesigned camera system, improved battery life, and a faster A15 Bionic chip. It also has a new Cinematic mode for video recording, which allows for selective focus and depth-of-field adjustments.

What is new with the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger display with thinner borders, making it easier to read and interact with. It also has faster charging time and a redesigned user interface.

What are some new features on the iPad (9th generatiAre there any updates to Apple's other products?on)?

The iPad (9th generation) has a faster A13 Bionic chip, improved front-facing camera, and True Tone display technology. It also supports the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the Smart Keyboard.

Are there any updates to Apple's other products?

Yes, there were updates to several other products including the iPad mini, which now has a larger display and faster A15 Bionic chip. Additionally, Apple announced updates to its software, including the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8.

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