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6 Aug, 2022 | iOS Development Company

iOS Mobile App Development - Handy Trends and Future of iOS

iOS Mobile App Development – Handy Trends and Future of iOS
As mobile app users are continuously growing across the world, iOS has taken a dominant curve in the mobile app industry. In this article, we will discover where the iOS development services are heading in today’s time. In this fast-paced technological world, we can undoubtedly say that iOS has taken a significant leap towards victory. However, who would have thought that the most expensive selling mobile phones will someday dominate the mobile app development industry, overshadowing the technologies that were popular a long back? Hence, businesses were quick to discover iOS and get on board with their iOS mobile applications. As a result, this exponential growth in iOS mobiles led to solid demand for iOS mobile app development services.   When the development of safer mobile apps is considered, people’s minds immediately turn towards iOS, making it the world’s most preferred operating system. Being one of the leading and most prominent mobile platforms on the market, iOS is the leader in terms of mobile app development and bringing new innovations. With approximately 2 million iOS apps across the globe, it becomes essential for app developers to keep an eye on the latest iOS app design and development trends to survive in this competitive industry effectively.

Why Should one prefer iOS App Development?

When people think of developing a mobile app, the very first aim they think about is to earn good revenue. If you want vast users, you can go with Android App Development, but if you wish for a high revenue-generating application, you should always go with iOS or iPad app development. With the launch of a new version of iOS, including some exciting features, Apple is always set to influence the app development industry. Here are the top reasons why one should choose iOS for app development.
  • An OS that drives most revenue: Most of the leading app developers prefer the apps in iOS that encounter the most in-app purchases, thereby positively driving high business and help you to reap more money.
  • High Security and better-secured transactions: Any business, whether budding or established, security is the foremost concern. iOS offers high-end security to businesses making it the first choice of every business, especially those who are protecting essential data.
  • Business-centric and Better Performance: Business owners whose primary focus is on productivity, increased sales, and customer satisfaction always chooses iOS mobile app development. With unique features and functionalities, iOS apps are made more business-centric. 
  • Top-quality App Development: When it comes to creating top-quality applications, people instantly turn towards iOS. It offers unmatched quality regardless of the business niche. 

iOS Mobile App Development Trends: 2021 and Beyond

AR and VR Integration

iOS app development plays a vital role in virtual reality as well as the augmented reality world. Now, as an iOS Mobile App development company, you will be able to build real-time and intuitive applications for providing an enriched user experience to the users. You, as a developer, can make this possible with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These two technology trends mark their position as the next significant iOS app development trend that is happening in the near future. Applications such as IKEA have already integrated and started implementing this fantastic feature for this technology to better customer experience. Other examples of AR-VR applications are Dance Reality, Houzz, and the famous Pokemon Go.

Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT)

With the bespoke popularity and the exponential growth of the iOS market, iOS app developers are focusing on the latest technologies in order to craft applications having the ability to revolutionize the industry. IoT-enabled iOS applications are bound to creating applications that can easily connect with other intelligent devices like wristwatches, bands, and other wearable devices. These facilitate data sharing and transferring. The recently launched HomeKit program by Apple uses the technology-driven innovations by IoT. Various industries like healthcare, agriculture, and logistics are benefited from IoT integration into their iOS Applications.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

These days almost every industry is leveraging the power of technologies like AI and ML. These two technologies have made the pace in iOS App development. With the capability to think logically, businesses would have better insights and analysis embedded experience. With the help of AI and ML, Siri can provide more accurate and reliable answers and solutions to iOS users. With the recent improvements in iOS, Siri can better understand the user and provide exact recommendations based on data gathered.

High-end Security and Privacy

Apple is a brand known for its high-end security and top-notch compliance policies. In 2021, security and privacy protocols are a solid reason for choosing iOS app development. These security protocols ensure that the villainous individuals do not breach the devices. Apple provides its users a secure and safer environment thereby, diminishing the cyber-attacks and breaches that tend to be the worldwide issue for the users. 

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Cloud-based applications are gaining immense popularity globally as they do not need any physical space in your systems to store data and allow you to access your data from anywhere remotely. Cloud technology enables users to store a massive amount of data with optimum security. Most businesses are developing iOS applications integrated with the cloud to store their data and access it easily anywhere. This trend will revolutionize the iOS app development industry and the overall mobile app development industry for a longer time. 

ATS for Better App Security

It was the matter of most significant concern for the iOS app developers to provide applications in order to prevent hackers from stealing and misusing the data available on the application. The features provided by Apple to the iOS developers are known for providing complete security and safety to the user’s data. With the release of the iOS 14 update in 2021, iOS developers can now integrate the ATS (App Transport Security) in their developed iOS apps in order to maintain the immense security of the user’s data.


SwiftUI is one of the top trends in iOS App Development. SwiftUI is a user-interface toolkit that allows developers to develop engaging UI across all Apple devices using the Swift Programming language. Additionally, it consolidates with XCode design tools to sync all the codes and designs rapidly. SwiftUI can work across all the Apple ecosystems like iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. SwiftUI is also native, which means that the developed applications will have access to all the platforms with fewer codes and more engaging designs. Read also: Are iOS Apps The Future Of Mobile App Development Services?

The Future of iOS App Development looks Bright.

In summary, these iOS App Development trends have brought numerous innovations to how we build and use iOS Mobile Apps. The iOS app developers should be well aware of these technology trends in order to make a seamless user experience. If you are looking for an iPhone or iPad app development company that understands these trends and has the technical expertise to effectively implement these trends that drive growth for your bottom line, WeDoWebApps LLC is here to help you with all the latest trends and technologies to develop modern applications for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current trends in iOS app development?

The future of iOS app development is expected to focus on: More advanced AR and VR experiences Enhanced security and privacy features Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices Continued adoption of AI and ML technologies Increased use of voice and gesture-based user interfaces Improved app performance through machine-generated code

What should I consider when developing an iOS app?

When developing an iOS app, it's important to consider factors such as: Target audience and user experience Functionality and features App design and aesthetics Monetization strategy App store optimization (ASO) Security and privacy features Compatibility with various iOS devices and versions

What are some best practices for iOS app development?

Some best practices for iOS app development include: Following Apple's design guidelines Testing the app thoroughly before launch Regularly updating the app to fix bugs and add new features Keeping the app simple and intuitive to use Optimizing the app for speed and performance Ensuring the app is secure and protects user data

How do I choose the right iOS app development team?

When choosing an iOS app development team, consider the following factors: Experience and expertise in iOS app development Portfolio of successful iOS app projects Understanding of your business goals and audience Communication skills and responsiveness Price and budget

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