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Top 10 features that you should include in your Android app

Top 10 features that you should include in your Android app

Published : 09th, March 2022 Edited : 30th, May 2023
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It’s the mobile-first age, and businesses are making the most of it through mobile applications. There are two significant drivers to the mobile application market – Android and iOS.

Android app development has gained much traction due to its freemium model of revenue. Here, mobile applications are free to install and even use some of its features. However, for advanced features, you need to pay to the app owners.

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  1. This has completely revolutionized the app market, and now businesses are looking to unravel the possibility of higher revenues through Android app development. Total mobile application downloads reached 205 million in 2018, and Android remains a leader in the number of installs. Android apps are based on their native environments and have features that create an excellent Android experience. So, if you are wondering how you can create an excellent Android experience with your Android apps? Here is the answer to it. We are going to explore some features that can provide an enhanced Android experience to your users.

    Interactive UI:

 Interactive UI

The user interface is like a doorway to your Android application, and keeping it interactive can undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of the Android app. If so, consider hiring an excellent UI designer when you are looking to hire the android developer for your Android app development.

A highly interactive UI culminates in the delay in response from the apps and makes the system provide real-time data to the users with higher responsiveness. Developers can leverage the app’s microarchitectures to create several interactive features, which can be included in the Android app.

Social Login:

Sign Up days are gone. Users like to log in and try your app instantly. So, why delay a user’s journey towards your landing pages? Add a social login feature to your Android app.

There are many app creators and businesses that have started to include this feature in their Android apps. To add to this feature, you should hire an android mobile application development company that can add this feature in compliance with data regulations.

Social Login can help you verify your users quickly and keep app interactions faster without the need for extensive sign-ups and sign-ins through inputs from the users.

Enterprise Mode:

Today, every other enterprise is looking to integrate business processes into mobile applications, and adding an enterprise mode to your Android app can enhance business communications, automate business processes and offer end-to-end business solutions.

With enterprise mode, you can help businesses improve their CRM through the state of the art chat apps that are interactive. The android platform provides excellent options for interactive features for better enterprise applications.

Minimalistic Approach:

Why do you need a minimalistic approach? Compactness provides more opportunities. You can introduce good content, CTAs, or any other relevant feature for the saved space. Most importantly, its the age of new-age technologies like the Internet of Things. IoT-based devices are compact and need apps that have a minimalistic approach.

More businesses are now looking to hire android app developers for IoT-based Android application development. The minimalistic approach also helps the compatibility of these apps with firmware and hardware development in IoT devices.

Customer Feedback:

The addition of the customer feedback input feature is a must in any mobile app. Today, the market is review-based, and every customer wants to check reviews before planning a weekend movie or buying a pair of socks. For e-commerce, customer reviews are an essential part of their apps.

Many e-commerce giants have exploited the Android platform and rendered high-end android apps for their e-commerce businesses. Take an example of the Walmart App; it is a web-app designed with a mobile-first approach. Still, later Walmart developed a full-fledge Android mobile app to capitalize on the Android native platform features.

Offline Mode:

If it is feasible to add an offline mode to your Android app, it can be great, as specific demographics have lower networks or no network support. This mode can help your Android apps reach more consumers.


Enable multi-language support for your apps for native language experience. Many countries in the world have English as a secondary language, which can be leveraged through multi-language support. To add this feature to your Android app, you need to hire a dedicated android app development team. Professional and skilled developers can help you with this feature.

Dark Mode: 

The dark mode is one such UI feature that has been officially added as the main feature by many mobile OS and even Android apps now. But, many such apps do not support the dark mode offered by mobile OS. The dark style features help in battery optimization and create a visual aspect that is easy on the user’s eye. So, why not enhance the UX of your Android app through Dark Mode.

One-Touch feature:

The one-touch feature explores one-handed mobile usage and full-screen mode support. iPhones have been supporting full-screen modes for many years now with a utility tool feature that includes many functional virtual buttons.

You can create such full-screen support for Android apps through android app developers, that can utilize UI/UX design for the feature.

Social Media Integration:

Add social buttons to your Android apps to enables social sharing of content on your android app. This helps your business with higher traffic and better user engagements. Social sharing can also attract new users for your android apps.


Android apps are known to be free to use, with excellent and easy user interface and unique features that are simplified. With these features, as discussed above, Android apps become more attractive for users to use.

If you are a business looking to enter a new market or an established brand looking to go mobile, choose the best android application development company and make your dreams come true through an Android app.