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21 Jul, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Types Of Mobile Apps and Which One Works The Best For Your Business?

Types Of Mobile Apps and Which One Works The Best For Your Business?
The morning starts with a mobile phone and ends with one too. These days, with the boost in the use of mobile apps, humans have become highly dependent on mobile applications. This has made the best android application development company thrive all these years. Big brands, or even the smallest, tout how they have built a mobile app for the convenience of the general public. It's that easy these days.  Everyone, every business, tries to influence people with their newly developed mobile apps and strive to keep their application updated as well as inclusive of the latest functionalities and features so that their target audience has the convenience of getting their service in just a few clicks. Here, we are to discuss which type of mobile app is suitable for your business?; what are the different types of applications in the industry?; what are the best apps to grow your business; and mobile app development for small businesses. So let's dive into all of this information without any further ado!

Types of Mobile Apps

Types of Mobile Apps The mobile applications can be categorized into three groups based on their technical features:
  1. Native apps: the applications are built for use on a particular platform or an operating system.
  2. Web apps: as the name suggests, these are run on the web, delivered on the web browsers. Web apps are more reactive than websites and can operate on any operating system- Android or iOS.
  3. Hybrid apps: a combination of native and web apps recapped in native apps makes a hybrid app. It has the proficiency to possess an icon and be downloaded from the App Store or Play store. The best Android application development company is after these hybrid apps.

Native Apps

These are specially developed for the operating system (OS) of a mobile device. You can therefore have native android mobile applications or native iOS applications. However, you cannot combine them, say you use a Blackberry app on an Android phone or an iOS app on a Windows phone because the software is built for just one platform.  Native Apps As is evident from the name, native apps are native to their operating systems. Therefore, these cannot be run in any other operating system whatsoever. But, they are well optimized for that specific device and can provide an incredible experience to the user. For example: the Safari application is native to an iOS device and cannot be transferred or used on any other operating system- be it Android, Microsoft, Windows, or Blackberry. Technology: the technique best android application development company develop for native application is specific to the platform for which it is built. In Objective C or Swift programming languages, for example, iOS apps are coded, and android apps are coded into Java programming. Hire native app developers to get faster and better performance of your app. Native applications can only be distributed on the respective platforms via the app stores.


  • UI experience in native apps is incredible with its rapid speed and smooth functioning.
  • A lot lesser hardware aids are used for coding of a native app
  • These each often run in an offline mode too.
  • The user can leverage the push notifications features and increase the app custom, thereby completing the desired action.


  • The major drawback that best android application development company find in their native apps is their limited availability to operating systems other than their native ones. Hence, only a particular audience can be targeted with the native apps. 
  • Android application development companies also assert the struggle of creating the same application for two different operating systems.
  • The whole procedure of maintaining and revamping the application on two platforms is time-consuming and hectic.
  • Codes cannot be ported from one system to another.

Web apps

Web applications are internet-based apps. You may use the web browse for your device to access these. You do not need to install these applications on your device, and that sounds great as it reduces storage consumption. All you need to do is bookmark them in your browser. A great deal of web (business) apps do not use a lot of your hardware, such as RAM and other storage. As a result, you do not have access as you operate via a mobile browser or web browser to the device functionality. Web apps development Example: a very intriguing example of a web app would be the Gmail app that you get to see on your browser. It is essentially a mailing application that can be seamlessly accessed via a browser, preferably Google Chrome. Technology: mobile app development for small businesses is perfect in the form of web apps. Web apps use HTML, CSS, Ruby, and JavaScript technologies. Web applications have been built. However, they are only available on the Web and support multiple platforms.


  • These are the best mobile apps development for small businesses since the development is short and pocket-friendly. There is no requirement to optimize the app for a particular operating system, saving the developer's effort and time. Thus, the development costs are reduced straightaway.
  • Deployment is seamless, and distribution does not take much time and effort too. Updates are manageable since no specific update is required from the app stores.
  • A separate code for every platform is not required.
  • The app stores do not compel approval for launch and update.


  • Since it cannot be accessed via an App Store, the device's facilities cannot be utilized.
  • The user experience declines in quality in web apps.
  • The Internet is a necessity to use a web application.
  • Aged devices and browsers cannot hold web apps with optimum functionality. There are annoying glitches while using web apps on older versions of browsers or a device.
  • One will only discover a web app if the website is very popular and has reached millions. Otherwise, it isn't easy to locate a web app existing just by the way.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid mobile applications are, as the name implies, a mix of both native and web apps. Sometimes, hybrid apps are called cross-platform applications by the best android application development company. The only similarity between the cross-platform apps and hybrid apps is that they can share codes. Hybrid Apps They look like native apps, on the other hand, as you can download them easily from the app store and appear on your screen. The data is rendered using a browser that is integrated into the program itself. Hire our hybrid app developers to get pocket friendly hybrid apps. Example: widely used app-Twitter is an example of a hybrid app. Technology: the hybrid apps are built upon totally different sets of technologies. These are created with varied sets of native APIs. Coded in Objective C, Swift, HTML5, React Native.


  • Android application development company asserts that hybrid apps are better in that they can access a device's native features.
  • Having a mixture of both native and web apps makes hybrid apps the best to use as they have extended multi-platform support.
  • Time and effort, and multiple resources are conserved because hybrid apps are built on a single code.
  • Hybrid apps can be deployed effortlessly.
  • Internet connection is not a necessity with hybrid apps.
  • It can be extensively accessed via App stores.


  • Native apps are the best when it comes to performance; hybrid apps' performance gets a bit compromised.
  • Certain features are not accessible by all devices that use hybrid apps.
  • Customization leads to an increase in costs.
  • User experience is also negotiated as compared to native apps.
  • Old browsers and devices are not their best friends.

The knack of choosing from different types of Apps.

With a plethora of applications running these days, it can be pestering for one to choose from a pool of apps, be it Android or iOS. But worry no more! We are here to help you out with this decision. So keep the points that we tell you in mind and get ahead with choosing the best business apps for Android. Consider the following points before choosing an app for your business requirements:
  • Cost of development
  • Time consumed for the development of the app
  • Deployment of app
  • Type of app
  • Desired features and their integration
  • Specification of the app
  • Target audience.
Before you go ahead with any app, you must be checking on these points not to risk your time and money. Now, let us describe in detail why and when you should choose each type of app. This will help you get the best app to grow your business. Discover the ideal web and mobile app development services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and ensure success.

Native- when to choose me?

  • Choose a native app when you are on the lookout for huh performing, complete usability.
  • Excellent user experience and interface.
  • Application very safe
  • One base of code
  • An app that accesses all smartphone resources and capabilities.
  • Application development in optimal/sufficient budget.
  • A quick, stable, and responsive use.
  • To use the hardware of the mobile devices to their best potential.
  • Support for third party integrations
  • A scalable application for new features can be updated in the future
  • Protection of line term investment.

Hybrid - when to choose me?

  • Enough high performance and usability
  • Application safe
  • Well- to moderate development budget
  • Patient and a decent time can wait.
  • To access and use the hardware on a mobile device
  • A single basis of code.
  • A huge user base
  • Support for integration of third parties.
  • Fine app user interface.

Web- when to choose me?

  • To quickly deploy an app
  • A single basis of code
  • Your app needs access to the network
  • A narrow budget
  • Accessible on every platform
  • You don't want to expect application stores to approve them.
  • Support for integration of third parties.

Summing Up

With all the discussion being done, all the aspects are taken into consideration, and you should always realize that no one app will fit all your expectations. So, it is advisable to firstly keep moderate expectations and secondly, choose the app that is the closest to your requirements. Best Android application development company asserts upon well-researched decisions while choosing the best apps to grow your business. Do you have specific questions about your business application? Then, contact our expert developer to gratify your need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application categories?

There are four main categories of mobile apps: gaming apps, educational apps, business apps, e-commerce apps, and more. According to, gaming apps were the most popular apps in the Google Play Store, accounting for 13.56% of available apps. In comparison, educational apps came in second with a share of 9.45%.

What types of apps are popular?

The most popular apps are Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify. So if you plan to develop an application that will make you money, on-demand is one of the best categories you can think of.

What type of application should I choose if I want to launch an application quickly?

If you want to launch an application quickly, the best option is a web application, as no customization is required on a particular platform.

What types of applications support third-party integration?

The types of applications that support third-party integration are native applications and hybrid applications. Therefore, any application category that falls under this category accepts third-party integration.

Which type of application development requires less investment?

A web application is a type of application that requires a small investment due to less customization. If you want to develop an application by investing a small amount, then a web application is the best option. Additionally, you can launch the MVP version of your application on an initial basis.

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