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Woocommerce Development Services

WeDoWebApps is Woocommerce Development Company an open source, powerful and extendable ecommerce plugin for WordPress which is designed for small to large sized online merchants. This plugin became rapidly famous because of its customization and easy to install. In addition to that, it is a freeware. It offers the most optimized solution free of cost. We can still enjoy a lot of flexibility in selling our products with WooCommerce.

What are perks of using WooCommerce?

  • Free and Open Source: One of the most astonishing features of WooCommerce is that it is free and open source. Due to this, developers can introduce new features and fixes at any time. We can build our own themes and extensions for it. It is indeed good deal for all those with limited capital.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The layout is pretty simple and page settings can be completed without any hassle. We can monitor the activities of customers in detail. Customers can track their past orders and can check status updates about the delivery of their purchased items. It also offers different shipping options and tax settings.
  • Easy Customization: WooCommerce works well with WooThemes and also with any other WordPress theme. It adds a value proposition and makes the customization process simpler. Additionally, it also offers numerous short codes and widgets with which we can give the best personalized look to our website.
  • Personalized Approach: It is a complete platform and setting up our own web store. It allows our customers to maintain their personalized dashboards, where they can profile and get a sneak peek at status updates for their recent orders.
  • Easy to Track Analytics: It track customer's behavior, predicts trends, and analyzes our marketing efforts accurately and comprehensively. Figures, stats and the overall web store performance are represented in forms of graphs, pie charts, bar charts, etc.
  • Integrated Social Features: The cost-per-like (or CPL) can be fairly reduced through well-integrated social features which encourage people to share your product over their social profiles. It is way too beneficial where one’s cost for native advertisement gets reduced.
  • Secure: WordPress is a secure platform and it powers more than 22% of the Internet. All security bugs are fixed right away and security updates are pushed worldwide.
  • Extending Functionality: It is one of the coolest features of WordPress and WooCommerce. There are lots of free and premium extensions available. These extensions enhance the ability of this plugin for accounting, payment gateways, marketing and reporting purposes.

Why choose WeDoWebApps for WooCommerce?

  • Highly experienced development staff
  • Faster delivery
  • Quality products
  • Customer service via email 24*7 the day
  • Highly streamlined communication system

Woocommerce Services we provide

Store Design & Development

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.WooCommerce is used around the world from Australia to Asia, the United States to Africa.

Theme Integration

With hundred of options to choose from, Woocommerce provide a wide market place for their store owners with some realistic and best design themes and templaces for their stores.

Extension Development

Woocommerce does have a wide market selling ready made plugin's and extensions compatible to eCommerce store with feasibility to customize it by our own from scratch level.

Safe Customization

Woocommerce provide safe customization for their themes and plugin's in order to modify as per the requirements of users. There are no hardcore limitations related to platform during custom development.

Store Management

Woocommerce has some really best available options to host and manage the entire shopping cart including managing products, managing inventories, payment integration, promotional activities etc.

Woocommerce maintanence:

Maintaining and upgrading woocommerce stores are easy. User with less technical knowledge can easily handle the job due to its flexible and user rich interface.

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