WooCommerce Development: The next e-commerce milestone Placeholder canvas
WooCommerce: The next e-commerce milestone

WooCommerce: The next e-commerce milestone

Published : 03rd, December 2022 Edited : 29th, March 2023
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Mike Jolley and James Koster were hired by WooThemes to develop WooCommerce plugin during the year 2011. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin designed for every sized merchant using WordPress. Due to its simplicity and user-friendly features, WooCommerce became one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce stores based on WordPress. Soon, within the three years of its development, a total of 381,187 sites were registered to have the plugin installed at the WordPress based websites leading to the glorification of WooCommerce, and the expansion is still in progress. Similar to the plugin, WooCommerce development services by third parties have also raised along with popularity and business. Wedowebapps LLC has its WooCommerce division dedicated to the plugin development and customization according to its clients. The WooCommerce development service at Wedowebapps LLC has become one of the reliable services provided by the company because of its employees’ unique customization techniques and excellent customer assistance.

The features of WooCommerce plugin development should take into consideration of the below features:

Extension of the application

The developed WooCommerce plugin must-have extensions of the application or the WordPress site according to the user. First, the WooCommerce extensions were released by WooThemes, and it gained popularity too. For a WooCommerce development service, it is the essential requirement that it should be able to provide unique functionalities WooCommerce extension and make the work easy for merchants.

Supporting and adding new features

WooCommerce plugin must be able to support or add new features in the previous versions of the theme or plugin that needs to be developed. In this way, the WooCommerce development service of am organization provides a competitive advantage in comparison to the other services in the same business.

Reducing the size of the application

One of the most required qualities of the WooCommerce plugin is the reduction in the size of the form. The plugins can be installed anytime after the installation of the application. Since many applications require a lot of space, WooCommerce development services provide extensions to the clients instead of giving inbuilt features within the application

Separate Source code

The WooCommerce development service must provide separate source code for the plugin. The reason for giving different source code is to enable the compatibility options of the plugin with every application versions. It generalizes the usage of the plugin, and therefore, it can be capitalized by WooCommerce development services.

With all of the above specifications, WooCommerce has become one of the most preferred plugins by the merchants, and continuous development in the related field with rising competition for every stakeholder. The pace at which it is getting developed will make the e-commerce industry very flexible and expand the dimensions of commerce in the future.