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9 May, 2023 | Android App Development

Best Tool For Android Development That Even Enterprises Count On

Best Tool For Android Development That Even Enterprises Count On
The count of live Android applications on the Google Play Store as of March 2023 is 2.67 Million ! Did you know this was the score when they deprecated 1 million apps in July 2013? Yes, indeed! With over 70% of Android device holders worldwide, Android app development is the go-to for on-demand app development. Now, you can imagine the popularity of Android app development over other mobile app development services. As more businesses get online in the post-COVID era, this inclination towards mobile apps gradually increases.  Hence, comes the need for cutting-edge tools for Android development. These tech-driven tools simplify app development operations and help Android mobile apps developer deliver the finest apps within promising timelines. You ask for the name of the Android development tool, and Android Studio will be the first name coming from any Android mobile apps developer. Let me tell you more about it. 

Android Studio: 

Android Studio is a tool for Android development that has stood out among the developer community since 2013. Developed by Google with enriching UI, it is an official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps developers with end-to-end app development stages. Android Studio has everything from design tools to intelligent code editors and flexible build systems to emulators to make your app ready to launch. It supports variable languages like Kotlin, Java, and C++, proving its support for a wide range of Android apps. Since Google backs it, the tool’s updates are readily available in compliance with the policies of the Google Play Store.  The tool is power packed with features like AVD - an emulator to run Android apps on a computer, making testing responsiveness and performance easier for multiple screen configs. Some of its features and tools are also available to be used distinctly. Also, it supports tools like Android Debug Bridge (ADB) - a CLI tool to bridge communication between computers and Android devices. It aids to QA process and powers Android mobile apps developers to make app modifications and check in real-time. Android’s app bundle enables the comparison of two APK versions and helps in app optimization.  android app development agency

What are the supporting tools for Android Development?

Though Android Studio covers everything, there are a handful of supporting Android app development tools across the web. Moving on, we will discuss the supporting tools for Android app development. 
  • Gradle: Endorsed by Google, Gradle offers a build system for developers to create different variants for the app within the same project. It simplifies the addition of external libraries using a single line of code, making it highly apt for developing large-scale JAVA applications. 
  • Firebase: Another tool powered by Google is a cloud-based service and app-development platform that hosts databases, manages backend infrastructure, and monitors the app performance post-launch. It enables easy integration with several partner tools to keep the process sleek.  
  • GameMaker Studio: By the third quarter of 2022, approximately 490 thousand mobile gaming apps were live in the Google Play Store, representing a 2.57% increase compared to that of the previous quarter. The gaming industry is in a rage, and that’s where tools like GameMaker Studio simplify the development of 2D games for gaming app developers. 
  • Unity 3D: Taking the experience of 2D games to the next level with AR/VR technology, Unity 3D helps Android app developers create interactive 3D gaming applications for businesses. If you want to jump into the gaming industry, you can count on WeDoWebApps - an Android app development agency, to develop thrilling gaming apps. 
  • Eclipse: It has been the most popular IDE until 2016, before Google’s Android Studio. Since Google has already deprecated its support for Eclipse, you will not find many using it. Majorly Java developers count on it for Android app development. 
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Wrapping Up

Though Android grabs the major market share, we also have iOS apps and other OS users. That’s where clients look upon the native app development services. Other tools for Android Development are the ones that support native apps. These include Titanium SDK, Adobe AIR, Unity, Xamarin, Ionic, etc. Are you looking for a custom android app development for your business app? If so, you can count on us for the same.  At WeDoWebApps, we can help you with Android app development services to shape your ideas into an app. Whether you want us to handle end-to-end development projects or like to opt for android developer services on an ad-hoc basis, we can serve you in both cases. Schedule a call with our experts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why count on Android app development?

The popularity of budget-friendly smartphones and ease of usage made Android earn a greater share of users in the market. More than 2.67 Million apps on the Google Play store as of 2023 are best to bring you in confidence that why you need one for your business.

How much time does Android app development take?

The timeline for Android app development services depends on the work scope. Please help us with project details by emailing sales@

Can you help us with the cost of Android app development?

Yep, sure. Please help us with your project details by writing to or navigating to ‘Get a Quote’ on the contact us page. We will share the budget with you in 2-3 business days.

Which is the preferred language for android development?

Kotlin tops the language preference for Android mobile applications. However, android developers often use Java, Python, C++, and Swift as well to design apps. To hire our kotlin expert contact us.

Written by Daniel

Daniel is an Android App Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. He has knowledge of Android App Development in various aspects of development. He is enthusiastic about the development and loves to write blogs on various aspects of development.