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14 Jul, 2022 | Android App Development

How Can You Get More Users With Android Instant Apps? - “Try Now”

How Can You Get More Users With Android Instant Apps? – “Try Now”
In a world where everyone needs to get things done instantly, how can Android lag within a very short period? Well, guess what, it doesn't! Have you heard of the term Android Instant Apps before? Various Android app developer companies are after the quick procedure of what is known as the Android Instant Apps. These instant apps are sure-shot your best friend. Think to yourself- wouldn't it be amazing if you could use an app without having to download it? Without putting any additional load on your device's memory, you can get an impressive experience of the app just like that.  Google Play services for instant apps make this possible for you. Google Play services for instant apps From the android app developer company's point of view, it is a great way to get their customers engaged and attracted to their app because of the main feature- optional download. This feature helps you keep your phone light. Your app module behaves as a standalone app that can be easily accessed through a URL. You can access the app from anywhere, anytime, via the URL searching element. Let us now see the working of an instant app.

How can you get more users with Android Instant Apps?

Android Instant Apps At Google I/O 2016, people saw the first face of a great new Android feature called Instant Apps. These instant Android applications are proposed to bridge the gap between web applications and native applications. The basic idea of ​​Android Instant Apps is to break down native apps into smaller parts, making it easier for an app to run instantly without having to go to the Google Play store. In addition, instant Apps allow the user to access the cloud-based version of the app on an Android phone without installing it from the Play Store.

Working of Android Instant App

An instant operates through a URL. This URL, when tapped, initiates a command for Google Play which further initiates the feature APK corresponding to the request, ultimately leading to the Android device starting the instant app. To get a detailed knowledge of how this happens, you could reach out to an Android App Development Company. If in case the Google Play instant app services fail at this juncture, the android system takes the job into its hands and maintains the request of the URL. Android app developer company The URL designated to each app is unique, which eases the work of the entire system. In addition, finding a matching instant app becomes easy this way. The instant applications have a distinct program structure. Instant apps can either be created during the Android 3.0 that contains an instant app module, and this module can be put into the project. The project structure consists of a base configuration and another feature, APK. If there is a need to expand only one feature as an app, the base structure will serve the purpose. In the other case scenario, if you wish to add an APK that supports multiple features in the app, other feature modules have to be added to generate the APK. Base element APK generally contains shared assets for numerous highlights.  Each component APK ought to have a section point movement which will be called when the URL is hit to get to the instant application. At whatever point a client demands one of the highlights of the instant application, the base APK and highlight APK is brought from the Play Store planned with related URLs. Assuming a client needs to get to another component, just that element APK is downloaded, as the base APK is now downloaded, and it is as yet accessible in the store. Instant application assets stay in reserve for not many hours; however, there is no application introduced.

Why should you elevate up to Instant Apps?

Does the question now lie that why are instant apps so much in vogue these days? What is it that is creating the buzz around instant apps? Here are a few things that you should consider before deciding on investing to hire android developers or develop an android instant app on your own. There are certain privileges hidden in the procedure of developing an android instant app.
  • Proliferates your reach: While you think that you did your job of marketing and promoting your app by putting out several ads here and there, by putting promotional links on various websites, or by creating short video advertisements of your app or even the poster advertisement, or simply hiring an android app developer company for the purpose, you might not be considering the fact that there still is a chance that your target users do not install your app on their devices. develop an android instant app This could be the case many times since most users, even on being redirected to the Google Play Store, tend to ignore the install button for some or other reason. On the other hand, when it's an instant app, the users will not fall prey to the cognitive processes that propel them to not install an app because of the time it takes or the space it takes up the memory of the device. Hence, instant apps make a better reach in the target audience.
  • Giving Native User Experience To Users Who Are Not Installing The App: As an instant application that can impart assets to the first local application, it can assist you with giving a similar lead Android experience to every one of your clients – one who is introducing a local application and ones who are utilizing instant applications for highlights.
  • Internet issues? No problem! : there are several kinds and varieties of users that your app is going to get from your target audience. First, there might be people residing in stringent circumstances. Second, there are issues related to the internet and digital technicalities arising now and then, especially in a country like ours. What if a user was in the metro, doing an extremely important task on an app, and the network flashed out? In such a case, the app that has the ability to run on little or no internet connection can be the saviour. Android Instant apps Instant apps provide this benefit in such circumstances. Thus, to help out your users genuinely and make a mark that leaves your users astounded, opt for an android app developer company that can build an instant app with ease. Without having to download the app, all the features can be used seamlessly.
  • Location-based and Time-sensitive apps are no longer a problem: Area-based applications are not new. In any case, if clients won't utilize area based or time-sensitive applications habitually, it doesn't indicate well to drive clients to introduce your application. The instant application can build the allure of area and time-sensitive applications as clients don't have to introduce it, and it very well may be gotten to effectively by hitting the URL.

Taking The Real World Into Consideration

While there is the evolution of several things taking place, our technology has to evolve too. Today's world is fast, and people are always in a hurry. At this point, if one has to go through the whole app downloading procedure just to order, for instance, food or medicines or a parking app for a city where he doesn't belong, just for some time, it undoubtedly infuriates the person. Certain android app developer companies do not consider that their users are busy and do not have time to install an app every time and anytime.  In such cases, instant apps are your best friends. For both the android app developers and the users, instant apps are highly beneficial. The primary concern is the size. Android instant app size limit is a substantially small amount. You do not even retire to fit it into your device. You can use it without downloading.

Which apps will benefit the most from this?

Situational applications, such as parking applications used when travelling in other cities, event-based applications, such as the application of Christmas carols, shopping applications that help the user make purchases without any problems, applications with shared options, Such as media and entertainment applications, will benefit the most. Android Instant Apps, without any doubt, is a revolutionary idea to make available to users at any time without the need to install apps. If you want to know more about Android Instant Apps, you can get in touch with our Android app developer company, Google's preferred Android App Development partner. Contact us here or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Android Instant Apps help businesses get more users?

Android Instant Apps can help businesses get more users by providing a convenient and frictionless way for users to access app content without the need for installation. This can improve user engagement and increase the chances of users downloading the full app.

What are some common features of Android Instant Apps?

Some common features of Android Instant Apps include quick and easy access to specific app features or content, compatibility with most Android devices, and the ability to seamlessly transition to the full app experience.

How can a business create an Android Instant App?

A business can create an Android Instant App by using the Android Studio development environment and following the Android Instant Apps development guidelines.

How can a business promote their Android Instant App?

A business can promote their Android Instant App by including a "Try Now" button on their website or other marketing materials, optimizing app store listings and search ranking, and promoting the Instant App through social media and other channels.

How can a business measure the success of their Android Instant App?

A business can measure the success of their Android Instant App by tracking key performance indicators such as user engagement, conversion rates, and download rates of the full app.

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