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iPhone Application Development in London

iPhone Application Development in London

Published : 01st, May 2022 Edited : 01st, May 2022
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Before you proceed with the creation of an iPhone app, it is utmost necessary to be familiar with the development procedure. WeDoWebApps LLC is providing exceptional services in iPhone Application Development London. Here is a glimpse of the iOS App development with us:

WEDOWEBAPPS’s Services as iPhone Application Development London

Defining the Objective

Before the creation of the app, you have to define its purpose. The purpose depends on the notion of the business. We have expertise in creating apps for various domains such as entertainment, sports, health and lifestyle, food, blogging, and a lot more. All of these parameters decide the architecture and necessities of the app. Hence, all these parameters should be taken care of while creating an iOS app.

Developing a Prototype

The app prototype will give a decent ideas to the developer and our clients regarding the functioning of an app. To avoid the last time changes, we develop a prototype and take our client’s feedback on it. Recording his input on the app, we make the necessary changes and proceed with the app development.

Back-End Development

First of all, we carry out back-end development. This includes parameters such as coding, establishing a database, and connecting the app to the server. Our team consists of skilled back-end developers who will help in creating a robust iOS app. We try to avoid all the glitches because of any error, while this phase can cause glitches and mistakes in the application’s functioning.

Front-End Development

The front-end development step decides the appearance of the application when the user is accessing it. Being a responsible service provider for iPhone application development London, WeDoWebApps LLC efficiently designs the app’s architecture. As a result, the application becomes easier to access, and the user will find it easy to avail of its various functions.

Integration of Features

We always crave to load the app with rich features. The more the features, the better will be the user’s experience while using it. Apart from the necessary elements, we also integrate other features such as social media sharing, location, monitoring, and more. Additionally, we also incorporate additional features as per the clientele requirement and nature of the business. The application which offers better features to the users becomes popular at a quicker pace.


The app deployment phase is the final step of our iPhone application development London company. At this step, we integrate all the necessary hardware and software and set it up so that the app offers seamless transition while accessing its various functions. We also check the functioning of the app at this stage and make sure that there aren’t any glitches in it once everything is set correctly, we handover the application to our esteemed client.

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