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45 Stellar Mobile App Ideas that will Kickstart your Business

45 Stellar Mobile App Ideas that will Kickstart your Business

Published : 02nd, September 2022 Edited : 16th, May 2023
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Where do we go without our mobile phones? What are we without our mobile phones? It’s a bitter truth to digest; we humans in the 21st century are so dependent on our mobile phones that we cannot imagine being away from them even for a single day. Owing to the fact, the mobile app industries are not just profited with this but also flooded with unique and engaging app inquiries so that businesses can manage the tremendous amount of users in the growing digital market. 

In this first quarter of 2020, a report published by statistia stated that the Google Play app store encompasses approx. 2.9 million applications, whereas the Apple store has made it to 1.85 million applications till the first quarter of 2020. With such huge figures, it is merely impossible for the mobile app development company to find app ideas for its clients. App Ideas that are unique as well as enticing and have never been heard or thought of before. 

Mobile Applications dominate the entire internet market. Whether it is small to medium sized business or a big enterprise, everyone is getting their dedicated mobile apps developed to attract more customers through mobile devices. So if you have an unusual mobile app idea for your business, we are glad that you’ve come here. From the best mobile app frameworks 2019 to advanced frameworks of 2021, technology differs in a whole lot of ways as we see what revolutionary changes the IT industry has brought in our day-to-day lives. WeDoWebApps LLC has a talented pool of developers and designers that use the top 10 mobile app development frameworks to produce the best application that meets your business needs. 

Here in this article, we have listed 101 Mobile App Development ideas separated by various industries. But before knowing about the best mobile app ideas 2021, it is essential to know various mobile app development types. Understanding different types of mobile apps will help you select the platform that will be suitable for your business niche. Read further to know about the types of mobile app development.

Types of Mobile Applications

Based on the application’s technical features, they can be grouped into three different categories: native mobile applications, web applications, and hybrid applications. But what are these? Follow the blog to know more about mobile app development types

  1. Native Applications: Native applications are those which are built to use on a particular platform or an operating system. 
  2. Web Applications: Web Application is a program stored on the remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface. Web apps are comparatively more reactive than websites and can operate on any operating system, be it Android or iOS.
  3. Hybrid Applications: Like the native apps run on the device and written with the web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, hybrid applications run under the native containers and leverage the browser engine.

These are various types of mobile applications that can be developed to potentialize your business. Now that we know the different types of mobile apps, let’s discuss some of the fantastic mobile app ideas that can steal the market in 2021.

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45 Best Mobile App Development Ideas in 2021

Remember the times when one would jokingly say, “I wish there was an app for that.” Now, this is the time where there is an app for almost everything one wishes for. In this blog, along with the trending app ideas covered for practically every industry, we have also listed some of the best app objectives that one can be considered for a startup. So, let’s have a quick look at the best Mobile App Development Ideas 2021. 

Healthcare App Ideas

Healthcare App Ideas

Medical Applications, mHealth solutions, or, you can say, Healthcare application solutions for patients have now acquired an important position in the market. Development and usage of healthcare applications are increasing along with the global growth of smartphone usage. Here are some of the trending Healthcare App Ideas for your business.

1. Personal Medical Records App

This app idea is basically a diary kind of application where patients can add their personal health-related records manually and share them with the doctor whenever necessary. This will enable the doctors to know about the patient’s health history and prescribe medicines accordingly or take any other further action.

2. Healthcare Monitoring App

Healthcare Monitoring Apps are mainly developed to keep track of chronic conditions like diabetes, sugar levels, cancer, blood pressure, and much more. The app allows doctors or healthcare professionals to monitor and track the health conditions of every patient by keeping their health history and providing the perfect treatment or prescription to the patients.

3. Appointment Booking App

Appointment Booking apps are usually built for the doctor’s or healthcare professional’s benefits. Various medical practitioners or doctors develop their own mobile applications for their clients to book an appointment. With this application, patients can even check the availability of doctors. 

Another alternative is to create a portal for the patients and the doctors to connect with each other to share the medical problems and solutions, respectively. 

4. Mental Health Application

Stress, Depression, and a sad lifestyle are some of the significant mental issues observed in people these days. Hence, you can develop an application mainly for people fighting with these mental health issues. One of the most innovative app ideas is to create an app that can track people who are feeling lonely or need urgent help. 

Lack of sleep is another mental illness faced by people worldwide. The high work pressure has led to so many people being sleep-deprived. You can help these users by developing a relaxing music application. Also, the app should help users in developing a fixed routine for sleep.

5. Pharmacy Delivery App

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors for a longer time. During this pandemic, we ordered many things online, and one such thing was medicines or other pharmacy-related products. 

No doubt the situation is getting better day by day, but many people still fear going outdoors. Keeping this in mind, you can develop an application where the users will be able to upload the e-prescriptions on the application and will be able to order the medicines online. The demand for such applications is only going to increase with time. Hence, a pharmacy delivery app is an excellent idea if you are planning to launch a startup. 

6. Medical Translation App

One of the very best ideas for medical app development is the medical translation app for doctors. Many doctors have international patients who are unable to discuss their health issues properly due to the language barrier. Hence, a medical translation app can be very beneficial for the doctors and the staff as well. Doctors and staff can use this kind of application to understand the health issues of their patients and can prescribe the medication accordingly.

7. Online Therapy App

With an intention to make therapies accessible to as many people as possible, you can develop an Online therapy app to allow users to pay the subscription fees. In addition, such applications can help patients to reduce the hesitation of talking in person about their health matters.

Much more study is done in the health sector, which can be done with such healthcare app development. In addition, professional therapists can also interact with each other and reach more patients and grow their networking.

8. Recovery App for Drug Addicts 

Somewhere somehow, we all are addicted to something or the other. But some addictions can take the life out of you, take your time, take your everything, and put you on a different track in life. Alcohol addiction, caffeine addiction, Drug addiction, and many other addictions need to be abandoned as soon as possible. 

A drug recovery app can help patients get rid of their addictions and come back to their lives. WeDoWebApps LLC can help you develop an application that can help people get rid of any kind of addiction. 

9. General Health and Wellness Test App

General Health and Wellness Test Apps are used for the people who are either suffering from a disease or want to track their health with tools like blood pressure monitor, heart rate tests, or measure diabetes. In addition, these types of applications are used by people who want to track and record their health data on a regular basis. 

10. Health Reminder Apps

Health Reminder Apps work as alarms for the users to improve their health by reminding them to perform specific tasks and achieve their personal health goals. For instance, a medication reminder app can be developed to allow users to monitor medication intake and set reminders regarding the medicines and their dosage.

A great example of this can be a Healthy Living app that provides users to track their daily intake of medications. You can even develop a water reminder app that reminds the users to consume water at regular intervals. Likewise, you can consider many different ideas for healthcare apps for your business.

Best Food App Ideas 

Best Food App Ideas

The food industry is an ever-evolving and developing sector. Food businesses do not lose their plot, given they always provide good food to their consumers. When it comes to opening a food business startup, developing a food application with the current tech can be beneficial for maintaining demand and supply balance. 

Hence, if you want your customers to use the strength of food on-demand apps using amazingly designed applications, below are some exclusive food app ideas that will promote your business online.

1. Grocery Delivery App

According to the report from Statista, an average person visits a grocery store approximately 1.6 times a week and an average of around 60 hours per year. Now imagine if there was an application that would have delivered the grocery items to your doorstep. Isn’t it so convenient?

If you are planning to launch a startup in this field, you can build a grocery shopping and delivery app that will allow the customers to hunt for grocery stores near them and place an order with the shopkeeper to get the doorstep delivery done. 

2. Food Coupons and Discounts App

One of the most unique and brilliant food app ideas that will take no time in development and find the right audience. This app will give you alerts when any restaurant is offering discounts or a coupon offering free food. This will also help the restaurants in promoting their brands. Restaurant promotions take place the whole year, and providing food at discounted rates will increase sales and marketing across the world and will attract new customers. 

Many people stay unaware of such delicious offers and miss the deal. This is where such apps come into action and thereby provide a beneficial deal for the restaurants and the consumers as well. 

3. Calorie Tracker App 

The food you eat is directly related to your health. Therefore, the more healthy you eat, the fitter you will be. Therefore, tracking daily calories is essential. These Days, it has become very simple to track the calories. There are several applications available where people can track every calorie they eat to maintain their healthy life. 

4. Apps for Exploring Restaurants

Technology has made so many advancements in the current times. One such technological advancement is you can explore so many places sitting at home using AR technology. The same is the case with restaurants. Using Augmented reality, you can promote your restaurant business to maintain client satisfaction and engagement. 

Many visitors select restaurants on the basis of how lively the environment of the restaurants is. Using Augmented Reality, you can achieve this and attract new customers to your restaurant. 

5. Customized Cooking App

Many people love to eat the dishes with their preferred ingredients. So you can build a customized cooking application in which the customers would be able to choose their favorite cuisine and ingredients to get the dish cooked by an expert chef. This will make each and every customer of the restaurant feel special. To take your restaurant ahead of the competition, you should introduce such an application. 

Moreover, you can also add the necessary ingredients to the cuisine in order to maintain the authenticity of your food. This will preserve the uniqueness of your business. 

6. Food Delivery App

 Food Delivery, as the name suggests, these applications are used for doorstep food delivery. For food lovers, this is the only way to get delicious food delivered at their doorsteps. This can be done by just enabling the location of their phones in the application.

In case you are planning to launch an online food delivery application but do not have the source to deliver the food to the customers, you can hire a third party for the food delivery like zomato, swiggy, UberEats, etc.

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7. Food Recipe App

If you are a Foodie, you might love cooking new dishes, watching YouTube, or reading books. What if these recipes come under an application? It would be very convenient. Isn’t it? 

You can develop an application with step-by-step guidelines to cook any dish. With this application, even inexperienced chefs can cook a great meal. You can even add different categories for various cuisines, which will help the user find cuisine and a dish they want quickly. 

8. Food Wastage Reduction App

We usually see a lot of food getting wasted at restaurants and homes. Therefore, a very unique and helpful idea is to develop a Food Wastage Reduction Application. A startup company looking to launch a food application can develop this app to provide the leftover food of the restaurants and homes to the poor individuals in need. 

As the poor and homeless population grows with time, developing such an app can benefit both the company and the poor people. 

9. Reviews and Rating Application

Nowadays, people choose the food and the restaurant based on the reviews and ratings of the restaurants posted on different websites. Therefore, any food ordering application comprises this type of feature as this helps the customers select food on the basis of customer reviews. And also help the owners know their weak points where improvements are needed. 

Therefore, a great startup idea is to develop a review and rating application where people can post their reviews in order to help other people select the best food. The owners can ask the people to post the feedback. This app will definitely help people get delicious food and owners in improving their services. 

10. Restaurant Reservation Application

What if you could make restaurant reservations from your phone while also getting cashback? Well, by developing a restaurant reservation app, it’s possible! Just by signing up to the account, the user can start making reservations at their favorite restaurants using the app. 

With every visit to an eligible restaurant across the city, you get points that can then be redeemed for cashback and coupons.

Fitness App Ideas

Fitness App Ideas

Health and Fitness are the primary concern for people of all ages these days. It is crucial to keep part of your body functioning well and avoid diseases that could stop us from performing our daily activities. Generally, the people who prefer to do gyming hire personal gym trainers and dieticians to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, developing fitness apps can be a very beneficial idea for starting your startup. Below are some of the latest and trendy fitness app ideas you can choose for your business.

1. Fitness Tracking Application

Fitness tracking apps are top-rated among every age group and around every corner of the world. Therefore, investing in fitness apps could be a great deal for your business. Generally, these kinds of apps take the data from the users and record their progress. Thus, these apps track every activity of the user and keep a record. 

Fitness Tracking Applications record the number of steps walked per day, the number of stairs climbed, number of push-ups completed, duration of time spent on a particular exercise, and other fitness measures. These days, many fitness apps are coming with fitness trackers. So, if you want to stay in the competition, develop a fitness application with the in-built fitness tracker. 

2. Workout and Exercise Guide Applications

These Apps are generally used by fitness freaks. These apps provide a set of exercises or a complete Workout guide to the people who love and want to be fit as per their requirements. Additionally, it also helps users to create and follow their regular workout and diet plans. 

3. Diet and Nutrition Guide Apps

The Diet and Nutrition apps guide the users with their diet plans and the nutrition they should take. These kinds of applications suggest what and what not to eat, guiding you with what you should eat in higher quantities and what you should stop eating to stay healthy and fit. 

If you are developing such apps, you can also add the feature of guiding the users with the right time to eat a particular food item. All these suggestions are given based on your daily workout plan. Therefore, developing such an application will definitely be profitable for your business. 

4. Fitness Assessment Application

People who are fitness freaks like to take their fitness assessments on a regular basis. If you are planning to launch a startup, then developing a fitness assessment application can give you a tremendous amount of profit. 

Fitness Assessment Applications are the ones that take weekly or monthly fitness assessments of the users to track their progress. For example, the app you will develop can take the data of weight loss, weight gain, user’s stamina, or the ability to practice heavy workouts, etc. 

5. One-On-One Fitness Consultation App

There might be many beginners who might be thinking of getting started with their fitness journey. But, unfortunately, these beginners do not trust workout guides, diet plans, etc., thereby needing one-on-one fitness consultation sessions with the fitness experts. 

Therefore, invest in an application that offers a personal consultation session for those fitness freaks who are initially unable to trust the diet plans and the workout guides. 

6. Yoga Application

Even though Yoga is not a gym-related activity but is related to people’s Fitness, many people do not get time from their daily activities to go to the yoga centers or the gyms to stay fit. For those people, a yoga application can be beneficial. 

If your niche is Yoga or Fitness, invest in developing a Yoga Application that will teach people to practice Yoga taking out time from their busy schedule. 

7. Fitness Video Tutorials Apps

If you are considering developing a fitness video tutorial application, you can provide fitness-related video tutorials made by expert fitness trainers. These applications are predominantly used by absolute beginners and do not know the proper technique for performing different exercises. Users can learn and perform the different workouts and physical exercises by watching the video tutorials on the application. 

8. Daily Fitness Activity Checklist

You can either create a separate application or add this feature into your complete fitness app; both would be suited. However, I suggest you go with the second option, as creating a separate app for the daily checklist makes no sense. 

A fitness checklist allows the users to check every fitness-related activity they compete on a particular day. It will help the users to make sure that they are not missing any fitness activity of the day. 

Educational App Ideas

Educational App Ideas

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit humankind with the most massive waves of digitization. There is not a single industry spared from digitization, and the education industry is one of them. As we can see, almost everything has moved to online applications. There are so many educational applications available on the app store. How to get recognized in the competition then? Education applications have made the learning process easy and full of fun. Therefore, if you invest in developing educational applications, you will earn a huge profit. Here are some of the best and in-trend educational app ideas that will help you earn more.

1. Application for Handicapped Kids

Handicapped kids or the specially-abled kids having some or the other disabilities, education startups should feel honoured to develop an educational app for such people. These kinds of applications should be made keeping in mind that any type of disabled person can use that app easily. 

The features of this app may include connecting the students with the teachers, other students via calls or messages, listening and writing activities, and you can also have specially designed games for them. 

2. Student’s Progress Tracking Application

Schools and universities find it difficult to keep up with the progress of the students. As a result, it becomes difficult for the teachers to pick up the students who are the year’s best performers. Students’ progress tracking applications help the teachers keep track of the student’s performance in studies and other co-curricular activities. 

Teachers can allocate the grades according to the overall development of the students that are tracked in the application. The same application can also be used for student-teacher interaction and learning purposes. It will be a beneficial educational app idea for both the teachers and the students. 

3. Language Learning App

Today, students participate in exchange programs, international competitions, or foreign activities, allowing them to learn other languages. Therefore, developing a language learning app may be an excellent idea for people who want to learn different languages and will definitely benefit your business.  

You can add a unique functionality in your app where the students will be able to set a pre-decided time to learn the different languages of their choice. The application will remind them at that particular time to ensure that the students do not forget to remember. The users can also track the progress of their learning. This education app idea will make you stand out from your competitors. 

4. Competitive Exam Preparation Application

Many competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, SLAT, CAT, JEE, etc., require thorough learning and understanding of the concepts. Therefore, investing in an application that can benefit the entrance exam aspirants can make a massive profit for your business. 

A Competitive Exam Preparation application can be a savior for the students in stressful times. The application developed by you can provide essential questions and answers, checklists, ebooks, progress tracking, reference, to-do list, or anything required by the students. The entrance exam aspirants can even give mock tests and check their performance. 

5. Career Guidance Application

Choosing the right career path may be very challenging at times. However, selecting the wrong direction may destroy a student’s entire career. This is where a career guidance application comes into the actual film. A career guidance application can help students to select what’s best for their careers. 

You can even add the functionality for contacting expert career counselors to help the students choose the path that may take their careers to different heights. If you are ready to develop a career guidance application, you can also add a list of programs users should enroll in to make their future. The developers at WeDoWebApps LLC offer the best mobile app development gold coast; they will deliver the best application according to your requirements. 

6. Private Tutor Mobile App

The recent COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the tutorship. Teachers and the students were unable to meet in person, cutting a tutors’ income too short. In such a case, developing a private tutor application can prove to be a great way to connect the teachers and the students as they will no longer be limited to any geographical position. 

Additionally, the app will allow the teachers and students to connect, no matter what the circumstances are. Therefore, making this type of application is one of the most excellent opportunities for your business. 

7. Question and Answer App

Question and Answer or Educational Applications add an exciting dimension to learning new things. If you are a startup and develop a question and answer application, you can rely on an app that allows users to increase their knowledge through frequent reading or posting answers. 

Most importantly, these learning apps are significant from a creative point of view; users can add new questions and answers at regular intervals or post answers to the already posted questions. Furthermore, you can keep these updates either free or paid; this will give you an opportunity to obtain significant revenue from your app. 

Banking and Finance App Ideas

Banking and Finance App Ideas

The bank and finance apps manage all the transactions of a company or a person. In today’s rapidly growing world, in-person physical transactions are time-consuming and outdated; the world has moved on to the digital world, so have the banking and finance sectors. Banking and Finance Apps are real-world solutions for speeding up secure transactions. Read further to get some insight about banking and finance app ideas for your startup.

1. eWallets

eWallets are the most in-demand banking applications that offer users the convenience of making payments within the blink of an eye. With eWallets, users do not have to carry any physical wallet or credit/debit cards to purchase grocery, household items, or other products. 

A report from Grand View Research shows the popularity of eWallets and unveils that the global eWallet market will reach up to $7581 billion by 2024. Is there anything else we need to say about the popularity Mobile eWallets have gained? Therefore, you should consider developing a Mobile eWallet as a startup and step into the line of succession. 

2. P2P Payment Solutions

The peer-to-peer payment market has grown swiftly in no time. Google Pay, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal are some of the notable examples of the P2P Payment Program. These payment programs are perfect for sending money to individuals such as acquaintances or relatives. Therefore, developing P2P payment solutions is a great idea for your startup business.

People using these solutions can conveniently send money from their bank accounts to other people’s digital wallets. Furthermore, these apps are made to eliminate the need for any middlemen, allowing the users to save money on commission fees when they are doing transactions. If you plan to develop a P2P payment application, the most eminent technologies that can be used are NFC, voice commands, and facial recognition. 

3. Loan Lending App

These applications are primarily used to fill the gap between the people who want loans and the loan lenders. Using such apps, those people can connect and fulfill their requirements. A loan lending app can help lenders reach more customers and offer them loans at a higher interest rate. 

In the same way, it can also allow the borrowers to connect with various lenders and take loans from the one offering the loan at a lower interest rate. If you are developing a loan lending application, you need to ensure that you add privacy and security features to make users feel secure about their loans.

4. Crypto Exchange App

Cryptocurrency apps target users looking to enter the decentralized markets by dealing with cryptocurrencies. In these kinds of apps, users can choose from a variety of digital coins and exchange them for foreign currencies. One of the real benefits of crypto exchange apps is the information security of blockchain. These apps enable users to exchange one cryptocurrency with the other, receive crypto tokens for fiat money, and buy/sell cryptocurrencies. 

5. Personal Finance Management App

Developing a Personal Finance Management Application is another excellent idea for the startup mobile app idea. This app allows users to keep track of their spendings, investments, savings, and earnings. You can even add the unique functionality to categorize their expenses and set the monthly expenses limit. In addition, the app will give users an alarm when the expense crosses the set limit. 

A personal finance management app will help the users to smartly and efficiently manage their finances and savings. If you consider this idea for mobile app development, make sure that the app is user-friendly, functional, and appealing. Consider hiring a mobile app development company that will help you develop such applications. 

6. Financial Advisory Apps

These applications are developed for providing customized financial advice on the basis of user’s spending patterns and income for the entire future. In addition, these apps are smart enough to discover after-tax profits by examining the user’s expenses and assets. 

Additionally, the app automatically recommends some financial management solutions so that individuals can make informed decisions for their future investments. 

7. Blockchain Apps

Blockchain technology is getting famous with each passing day; people use cryptocurrency to make their transactions. Hence, developing a blockchain app that allows users to make transactions using cryptocurrency can be an innovative and the best idea for your startup. 

Veem, Circle, LAToken, We.Trade and PayStand are some of the notable examples of Blockchain applications. If you consider this app idea for your startup, make sure to go through the above applications to properly understand their business model, monetization strategy, and other requirements. 

8. Digital Banks

Users can open an account, trade, block or unblock cards, add beneficiaries, and much more by utilizing digital banks that need only a few clicks on the developed applications. Thus, digital banking apps have already served a large audience online in this digital era. Moreover, because of the integration of AI chatbots, such an application is ideal for financial assistance and quick consultations. 

9. RegTech Applications

RegTech App is yet another finance and banking app idea that is fascinating to the market. These applications allow financial companies and institutions to obey both local and global standards and follow the rules for the correct practice in finance. 

These kinds of applications will automate the major processes like customer identity verification, report compilation and submission, transaction monitoring, and many more. The goal of such applications is to practice customer retention and seek customer satisfaction. Therefore, regTech applications can prove to be the best idea for your startup.

10. Insurance Apps

Insurance is the best service for every banking and financial institution. Insurance tech apps offer highly specialized and personalized options and risk analysis. As a result, insurance companies can accelerate operations and improve the quality of their customer service by using FinTech app solutions. 

Summing Up

Regardless of which app idea you choose for your startup, the success of a mobile app depends on the mobile app development company you have hired. It also includes the expertise, and the efforts the development team has put into crafting an app. Sometimes a highly-featured mobile application with the most complex functionalities fails to reach the targeted audience, whereas a simple yet intelligently developed application reaches the desired goal. 

Therefore, the only difference is how the mobile app development company transforms your app idea into a final product. Since 2021 has shown a massive shift to the digital world, there will be an application present for almost everything you wish to do in the near future. So, why not grab the opportunity now? If you have an app idea from the above list that completely suits your business requirements, or you have any other app idea in your mind that would hit the market differently, contact us and discuss your query. We will develop a promising application from your unique vision to transform the idea into reality.