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26 May, 2022 | Android App Development

Why You Need to Build a Voice-only App Like ClubHouse

Why You Need to Build a Voice-only App Like ClubHouse

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"Humans are social animals."-Many of us have heard this phrase many times, some of us might agree, while some won't. We comply with the statement with all our conscience. Whether a person has introversion traits or extroversion traits, a person requires other people to talk to at some point in time.  Even an extreme introvert would love to have some company after the long week is over or maybe consider this situation even an extreme introvert would get exhausted from long isolation. These are just hypothetical scenarios. In the real world, are we ever alone? With so many figural inventions and interventions in the field occurring now and then, we certainly are not alone even when physically isolated. Thanks to the millions of social media apps that have come our way to help us. statista Currently, there are around 3.78 billion social media users all across the world. These numbers are evidence that a huge populace is using various social media apps built by huge companies and developers extensively. Social Media now seems to be an enormous industry that keeps growing each day. Also, the most revenue generated is from this industry.  Well, this was inevitable. Since social media is now affiliated with almost all other industries, each industry is related to social media in some way or another. This industry is ever-growing. It has new users joining in each day, and it has a massive reach among the populace. The people around us are always directly or indirectly inclined towards social media. We all are growing highly dependent on social media apps, from discussions about the new status a friend just posted to the surging dependence for news updates on these apps. Android application development company play a major role to start the digital era. In light of all this discussion, it wouldn't be fair if we do not mention the application that has created so much buzz in the market, among the celebrities and us- Clubhouse. The Clubhouse had around 13.5 million downloads worldwide as of April 2021. This accounted for a worth of $4billion. 

These numbers are now becoming interesting, aren't they?

ocial media app like clubhouse So let us follow up and get to know more about the hot topic- Clubhouse. Further in the blog, we will discuss how android application development companies can build an app like Clubhouse seamlessly.

What Is a Clubhouse?

Before diving into the lengthy procedure of building an app, let's get to know the app better. So, generally speaking, Clubhouse is a social media application that has been the topic of interest for many people recently. The prominent feature of this app that deviates from the usual social media apps is that it is an "audio-only" social media app. Yes, you read that right! You can only see audios, receive audios, no texts, no chatting with keyboards. Developed by Paul Davison and his companion Rohan Seth, the apo has taken the world by storm. The general idea of communicating through an app has vanished in this one app. Now texts, images, videos have become irrelevant. Now you can talk- in an actual sense to the other person, even on a social media app. Talk it out! Or become a good listener in the process, maybe! Clubhouse App Also, talented bugs with excellent communication skills can pour their hearts out through this app. Good humour can still reach people with more meaning now since there would be no visuals to distract. Entertainers, podcast creators, content creators can try their hands out at this application to get a new experience while enjoying the process. Various podcasts, ideas, speeches, stories and thoughts can be shared in a seemingly effortless manner. The Clubhouse has proven to be the most excellent thing to take place during the testing times of this pandemic situation. While we all were stabbed by boredom sitting at our homes, once again, this time with so much anxiety and uncertainty swirling around us, this is something that came as a blessing for many of us.  Since the app lets you talk, there is little room for judgements, unlike other social media apps where people fear being judged based on their looks, bodies, content, posts, language, and many other aspects. Here, you are not necessarily required to post any such thing that you're insecure about. All you need to do is press the record button and talk heart to heart.

What Is All The Rage About?

Ever since the app got released in the market, it acquired a high position because of its unique features. People were new to such an application being created. Until now, the whole populace has seen social media apps with either texting, video constant, image content, etc. This was a new concept and thus, became so popular. Several celebrities who people look forward to came to this app. The oncoming of such famous personalities made this app even more interesting and amicable to the crowd. Even as an experiment or a trial, the app got huge attention. People went on to try out the new way of connecting with their friends, family and acquaintances. Also, the promotion strategy of this app is distinct from others. One can only join the app If someone already in the app invites them. This opens doors to the possibility of people interacting with their favourite celebrities if they are lucky and are in the right chat room at the perfect time. For this very reason, a surge in the people joining in was witnessed as Elon Musk joined Clubhouse. These few tactics have taken the app to blew heights. The promotional strategy of the android application development company did actually pay off. They got the results they contemplated.

Prime features of Clubhouse

We've addressed the term 'features' quite a lot of time now. It's time we tell you the extensive features added to the application to make it bulkier and notable. Android application development companies work in such a way that the applications that they build are all the more helpful to their clients. The android app developers work their sweat off to create the perfect app in order to cater to their customers' needs. Let us now look at some of the exciting features this app has. ● Only invitations can get you in:  The most intriguing feature that got people more attracted towards this app was that an individual could use onboard the app only through an invitation. If you are in, you can choose from the abundant rooms to start your journey with. Also, the app has the feature of muting the participants by default in the beginning. Although, the users can unmute themselves as and when they like. ● The feed here is different: Clubhouse has a disparate sense of content feed than the ordinary social media applications. The certified app development company has taken complete care of conserving the unique culture of the application. The clubhouse feed is like a corridor that leads to various rooms where many people come and discuss and carry on conversations. The users entering these rooms can see what is the topic of conversation and can join in anytime. ● The famous rooms of Clubhouse:  App development consider these no less than the royal room where essential conferences are held. Just kidding! Nothing like that. It is an informal platform, and you can chat via audio messages with anyone- even your dearest celebrities. Clubhouse came out and launched as a noble social media app that has won myriad hearts until now. The conversations can be regarding topics ranging from severe political, academic, career talks to informal and fun discussions between friends, newly made acquaintances, art, etc.  This has led to a constant expansion in the abundance of audio content creators in social media. Influencing market. Do these facts entice you too? Don't worry, and you'll be able to build your own social media app with the help of the tips that we provide you with further in the blog. The android application development company that built Clubhouse made sure that there's room for private conversations. They incorporated the essential feature of a private room in the app. There's also a rule that each room can have a maximum of 5000 people at a time. ● Clubhouse clubs:  social media app we got done with the hallways, corridors, and rooms. But this isn't enough yet. The Clubhouse has clubs that are distinct from rooms in that they have an audience of like interests where people discuss particular topics. People onboard can choose their preferred clubs according to their interests in themes. This one is quite similar to what other social media apps call- 'groups.' But, remember, no texting, only audio notes even in these clubs. ● Search it on the go: like any other social media app, it is inevitable to add the search feature. But the question is- what does this search feature help us search? It helps you scan around the groups, rooms, clubs, profiles or even chat histories that have been saved according to your topic of interest. ● Live events and more: Clubhouse has major live sessions. Sometimes, these live sessions are scheduled at particular times. So in order to attend these live discussions, the user needs to make a vacancy in their schedule. The hosts announce their upcoming events and the particular rooms for other users. Clubhouse-like app development is ingenious. Users can even schedule the sessions and events being held in their calendars. ● The infamous activity tab: an activity tab in every social media application is a mist. Isn't it? Or else how would the users contemplate their followers, the news members, interactions, accounts, rooms and clubs and their respective members. Also, the ongoing events are declared in this activity tab. ● Notifications: so what's distinct with the notifications feature of the Clubhouse? Well, it might sound ordinary when we tell you that it notifies you about the current ongoing events, the upcoming events, the new members and all. But, one thing that still stays distinct is the fact that all this buzz is about an audio-only social media app.

Why should you be interested in building an app like Clubhouse?

App Development Company We just had a long discussion on the features of the Clubhouse. But what exactly do you get from it? We talked over all the accolades that the Clubhouse has earned. Remember the time when we had the notion of Facebook remaining the only top-notch social media app in the world. Seems like a lot has changed in a short span of time. Well, why just Facebook? Even Instagram had a great chatter around the market and among people when it was launched. With all the features adding up in the frequent updates, Instagram still entices people. But now, it seems that the Clubhouse is acquiring the undivided attention of the public. To see a company thrive so much in such a short span of time might make you think, for once, how to build an app like Clubhouse? Well, the answer is about to be revealed soon. So be patient and read on. It has been proven again that no matter what the current situation may be, there's always a new helpful innovation in the world. The unique concepts are always welcomed heartily by the populace.

How to create a Clubhouse like an app?

How to create a Clubhouse like an app Until now, we assume that you've decided that you are seeking the answer to this question - ' how to build your own Clubhouse?' Well, if you've shown this determination, we'll not let you down. Read on to know how to build an app like Clubhouse and how much does it cost to build a clubhouse. ● Do your research: Before starting any work, you must always begin by researching for the cause in today's competitive world. Knowing your competitors, the interest of the market, ups and downs, knowing your target audience, and many more factors are highly crucial before diving into the actual development of an app. Even the Android application development companies do not want to build across a copy of a highly successful application. Hence, to avoid being the imitator and causing yourself the trouble, you better research all these factors in advance. Try to understand the cause of your development, the inspiration and the innovation that leads you towards this path. Not just this, study the market thoroughly, try to understand your target audience, their needs, aspirations and contemplate what is that which excites them the most. Answering specific subjective questions like these might help you a long way in your journey of building your own social media app. Going deep into the fundamental philosophy, you might also take help from the famous stories of big companies and brands who have made it big. Study about their beginnings and get motivation and understand the way they began their work. ● Settle the concept: once you have researched well for your requirements, you should focus on settling down the concept in mind. Finalize what you've been thinking. Make mind maps, or rather the blueprint of how your concept will be presented to the world and what change it would bring to your target audience. Considering that the competition is very high these days, enormous amounts of social media apps are available. You will come up with the solutions to other apps' problems, or you'll have to bloom a new flower species altogether. Think out of the box. Get people joining your team if needed. ● The app development approach: you ought to get this step right! There are several android application development companies out there. You can choose the best one for you. But, It is easier said than done. You might find the task of selecting the right developer tedious and effortful. You can develop the voice chat app or social media app that you desire in several ways. Giant companies are not the only solution. You can hire a freelance developer on the team, or you can go with custom app-building, or you can simply choose the quick-to-launch remedy. These distinct approaches have their pros and cons. Thus, it's necessary that you choose wisely by weighing each aspect of the development approach. The quick-to-launch solutions that we just mentioned are a kind of line solution. These solutions are cheaper than other methods. But, these might not work the best for you. The money saved now might cause trouble later. The clone app might not impress the audience as a new, genuine and unique application would. The audience, in these competitive times, searches for originality in the work of a developer. Hence, it is advised that you choose some other approach to get hands-on on the best growing application. Customs app building strategy works wonders. You are the master of your project. You can inculcate all the features and specifications that you desire into your app. This maintains the originality and distinctiveness of the app. ● Features and Specs: After choosing the right development approach, you must know what you are seeking. Hence, be ready with the features that you want to incorporate into your app. The development company, a freelance developer, or a custom app builder wants to have detailed insight into your seeking requirements. The major decision here would be whether the app is to be run on Android or iOS. Also, you should decide if your budget is comfortable with a hybrid app or a native app. ● Monetization: once done with the features, you should be aware of the strategy you're going to implement to get the revenue from the app. After spending a lot of money on the development, you surely want it to pay back. So decide on a mindblowing revenue collecting system and thrive with your app. ● Maintenance and improvement: once the app is built, it is your responsibility that you provide the audience with maintenance and support of the app. ● Promotional strategy: now the app is developed, and support and maintenance are done. But who knows that you built an app? To reach out to your target audience, you need to promote your app and make sure that the strategy you use reaches a mass population so that a considerable number of people are enticed to use your app.

Build your own social media app like ClubHouse

Building an app will cost you something. The cost of an app like Clubhouse could range anywhere from $25- $150. It all depends on the features, the distinct decisions that you make at each step of the development procedure. Like you just saw how a unique app could change the way people feel, you should consider building your own app like Clubhouse. There's no price charged for thinking! Think along and come up with a brilliant idea. Maybe the next app that has a buzz around the market is yours! For that hire our android application development company and flourish your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider building a voice-only app like ClubHouse?

Building a voice-only app like ClubHouse can be a great opportunity to tap into the growing demand for audio-based social experiences. Such an app can provide users with a unique and engaging platform to connect and converse with like-minded individuals, without the distractions of visual content.

What are the benefits of a voice-only app?

A voice-only app can offer several benefits, such as:

  • Providing a more intimate and authentic social experience Allowing users to engage in discussions while performing other tasks (e.g., cooking, driving)
  • Encouraging users to focus more on listening and speaking, rather than on visual distractions
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging among users who share similar interests

How can I monetize a voice-only app like ClubHouse?

There are several ways to monetize a voice-only app like ClubHouse, such as:

  • Offering premium memberships with exclusive features and perks
  • Partnering with brands and businesses to sponsor discussions or events
  • Integrating ads or sponsored content into the app
  • Collecting user data and insights to offer targeted advertising

What are the potential challenges of building a voice-only app?

Some potential challenges of building a voice-only app include:

  • Ensuring the quality and reliability of the audio experience
  • Ensuring the safety and moderation of discussions to prevent hate speech or abuse
  • Overcoming the initial barrier to entry and building a user base
  • Keeping up with changing user preferences and competing platforms

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