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16 Jun, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Android Vs. iOS: Which One to Choose for Your Startup? Here Is a Quick Guide

Android Vs. iOS: Which One to Choose for Your Startup? Here Is a Quick Guide


Starting with an android application development services brings many questions with it. For example, which technology to opt for is the main concern for all entrepreneurs there. Multiple options for choosing the right platform, like Android app development, Hybrid app development, etc., are available, and choosing one out of these for your mobile app development business becomes a tedious task. One way to find a solution to this problem is to consult some of the experts of these domains and then decide which path to follow. But again, the issue will be the difference of opinion of the people you consult to get the difference between iOS and Android development. Also, there would be many questions left to answer, even if you have the minutest detail of both platforms. Hence, in this blog, we have planned an A to Z survey on the iOS and Android platforms. We would also be laying limelight on what is the main difference between iOS and Android so that your doubts and queries regarding the platforms can make crystal clear. You can also get an idea about which one to recommend for your business to go ahead with. So, let’s get started!

Which Is better? iOS or Android Development?

Before taking a dip into the discussion on which is better, iOS or Android development, let us see why mobile app development is a good idea to start with a business, and how major startups are now recognized as the android application development services. Looking at the current scenario of the digital market, the maximum sales of electronic devices recorded in the mobile phones category. Be it an iPhone or an Android device, and people do not give a second thought to purchasing the same. This is because of the features and functionalities provided by smartphones.  Until now, you had to get a desktop or laptop to search for a piece of particular information online. After the evolution of smartphones, information is now available at your fingertips instead of tables and laps. There might be a very small number of users around who might be using social media on devices other than smartphones. Hence, the development of mobile applications for carrying out routine tasks like online payments, shopping, entertainment, etc., can all be done on mobile devices through these apps.  Hence, the market for mobile applications has been increasing drastically. And this is the reason why any entrepreneur would give a thought to start with the mobile app development business.

Android vs iPhone users:

The following graph shows the analysis of the number of users of Android and iOS phones over a couple of years. One can get an idea of the market of smartphones and, based on that, can predict the growth of the mobile app development business. Android vs iPhone users If we see the total number of users purchasing both Android and smartphones, we can imagine the size of the market for mobile devices and the future scope of mobile apps. As we can see, the number of customers for mobile phones has reached up to 5.7 billion across the globe. Hence, we should consider it as high time to start the app development business and quickly decide whether to start with the Android or iOS platforms. So, to help you decide to get on to the right platform, we have taken some points on the differences between Android and iOS application development.

Market share of Android vs. iOS apps:

We shall first start with the analysis of market shares of both platforms, which is depicted in the following graph. Market share of Android vs. iOS apps The market share of Android and iOS can calculate based on the number of users for these respective platforms. Observing the bars in the above graph, we can easily talk about the market of android users being higher than that of iOS users. Some analyses have also shown that the market for android users has been increasing 10 times the rate of the market increase for iOS users.  Hence, if 10 people are opting for iOS phones, it can be assumed that at the same time, 100 people are opting for android phones. So, based on this survey, we can say that the android app development might prove fruitful for the startups focusing on the mobile app development niche. Hence, if we follow the facts as mentioned above and figures, android app development can be the right choice for any startup.

Revenues generated from both- android and iOS apps:

Once we have considered the market share of both platforms, it is also preferable that we compare the revenues of the applications developed in Android and iOS. This depicted in the following graph: android and iOS apps The amount of revenue generated out of the Android and iOS apps may play a crucial role in deciding your target platform. This will have a direct impact on the company’s annual revenue and profit statements. Above that, being a startup, most of the entrepreneurs would like to focus on the amount of revenue generated out of an app to invest in more business loyalties and sustain in the market. As we can see in the above-mentioned graph, in the year 2019, mobile phone users have spent almost 26.38 USD in an hour on Google play, while at the same time, there was a spending of approximately 14.38 USD on the App store.  Similarly, the figures mentioned for the year 2020 depicts that, on average, the amount spent on Google play is more than that in the App store per hour. Hence, this shows that the users are more active on Google Play in terms of purchasing an application or opting for in-app purchases for an open-source application. Hence, for the entrepreneurs considering revenue generation as the main source of development of their company, it is recommended to go with android app development.

Retention ratio for android apps vs iOS apps:

Having discussed the revenues generated from both platforms, let us see users' engagement on both types of applications. The retention rate of android and iOS users can be depicted in the following graph: android apps iOS apps User retention will give you a perfect analysis for the choice of the app development platform. This will judge the performance of an application based on user interaction. This is also one of the factors affecting the installation and uninstallation of an app from a mobile device. The above analysis graphs show that android users stay loyal to the applications downloaded and installed compared to iOS users. Hence, before starting up with a company, make sure you make the right choice, and create an app that tries to hold its users without leaving them with any bad experience. Once we are done with the statistical comparison of both platforms, let us take a deep dive into some of the important differences between Android and iOS platforms. Read also: iPhone App Developer in Brisbane and iPhone App Developer in Melbourne

The choice for the platform to go ahead with depends on the following factors:

  1. The location of your audience- there are locations across the world where the popularity of iOS apps and phones is more than that of Android platforms, like the USA and Australian countries. So, if your target customers are from these regions, then you know which platform to choose!
  2. The User- the age, budget, gender, etc., of a user, also plays a big role in the choice of the platform. If you are targeting the youth and want to create applications for entertainment, Android is a good choice. For professional applications, we prefer iOS platforms.
  3. Cost of in-app purchases- it observes that android users do not spend much on in-app purchases as compared to iOS app users. Hence, if you want to generate an income from the in-app purchases from your application, iOS app development can be a good choice.
  4. Design complexity- it observes that the designs involved in an android application are easier to implement than iOS apps.
  5. Release cycle- the Google play store has many restrictions over the release cycles of its applications, as compared to the App store, being more flexible.

Now let us see some of the technical points of differences between Android and iOS development.


Android applications need the knowledge of core Java and Kotlin concepts, whereas the developers of iOS applications will need the knowledge of Swift or Objective C. Swift programming requires less time for programming and execution, while Java programming needs a high level of clarity in the readability of its code. Also, Kotlin has easy-to-read features during the development but is still in the development phase. Hence, programming languages used for developing iOS applications can learn easily and in less time than Android programming.

Testing the applications:

For successful completion of any mobile app development process, the testing phase is the most important before launching it on the respective store. The developers need to make sure that the application is bug-free and the users are not disturbed by the unwanted interruptions while running the app.


There are XML files present on the android platform and accumulated in the application for dynamic designs. The XIB files in iOS do the same job. But the main difference is that the interface provided by the iOS is of higher level and more dynamic as compared to the android UI/UX. The animations in iOS are delicately designed, complex structures and hence are highly accepted by the users.


The developers of iOS prefer the content first over the designs of an application. Hence, most of the iOS applications will be clean and might be containing more white spaces as compared to the android applications. The best android application development services work on the design part of the application using some motivational and realistic approach, which attracts more users towards itself. The designers of the android app mainly focus on gradients, light, motion, etc. Noting the above differences of Android vs iOS platforms, there is still confusion about when to choose Android or when to choose iOS for your startup. Let’s put a light on this: If your target audience does not belong to a specific region, it is better to opt for android development. The android application development services always has its clients and customers spread across the world. Whereas, if your target customers are based in a specific region like Australia and the USA, go for iOS development, as you will get maximum users from this region. Also, an android app welcomes all types of customizations in it, and hence, if you think you can engage more users by customizing your app with regular updates, go with Android. On the other hand, iOS applications do not accept periodic updates, as their users fully accept the initial version. Read more about Android App Development in Brisbane

So, this was all about the differences between android and iOS platforms and which platform to choose for your startup?

Now that we know all the factors of Android vs. iOS development, there is a situation where you can easily make a choice. Because most Apple device users don't like other operating system platforms, and so you can target them without any doubts or comparisons. Just update continuously with every Apple announcement or OS update. On the other hand, the Android market, as well as the competition, is vast. In addition, you need to analyze your ideology to create applications in a specific category. For example, the company has developed an android application, launched it on Google Play, and monetized for many downloads and in-app purchases. In short, you are now gaining profits from that android app, and hence it is time to switch to iOS app development and prove the efficiency in its app development. Read also about Web Development Companies in Melbourne

Now Over to You

Both Android and iOS are the most important and influential mobile platforms. Our teams made up of both iOS and Android application development services, building the most engaging applications for each device. From building a voice only app to live streaming apps We can deliver quality products to feed your business idea into a complete practical solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS Application Development

iOS and Android use different programming languages. The native programming language used to develop Android applications in Java and its derivatives, while the programmers building the iOS platform use Objective-C and, most recently, Swift.

Which platform is better: Android or iOS development faster than Android?OS?

While Android can get more downloads, iOS users have higher engagement rates and spend more on apps and in-app purchases. Android is also very popular in low-income and developing countries, while iOS users live in North America and Western Europe.

Is iOS development faster than Android?

Yes, it's fast. One of the reasons iOS is easier to develop with is code. Android applications are typically written in Java, a language that involves writing more code than Swift, Apple's official programming language.

How much does it cost to build an application?

How much does it cost to build a global application? Recent research from Goodfarm shows that the average cost of a simple application is between $38,000 and $91,000. The cost of an application of medium complexity is between USD 55,550 and USD 131,000. A complex application can cost between 91,550 and 211,000 USD.

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