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4 Aug, 2022 | Android App Development

Why Should Businesses Invest in Android App Bundles?

Why Should Businesses Invest in Android App Bundles?
Android apps are becoming the backbone of several online businesses and even offline ones. The largest population is using android in the world. More than depending on iOS, people are attracted to the Android operating system. The prime reason being its affordability and convenience to use. Here, we will discuss the android app bundles and why they are becoming popular and a necessary tool for the android application development service. Android app bundles have essentially turned into a gold standard if you wish to publish an app on the Google Play Store. Android app bundle comes with its benefits. App bundles have come as a blessing for android app developers all around the world. Android application development service has benefitted the most from the android app bundles. App bundle advantages can be counted on fingers- the issues most android app developers> used to face because of APK development. That was extensively used to target various APIs, subjects of different devices, and Google Play, now addressing many more. All this is because of the advent of app bundles. Developers will now be capable of utilizing Dynamic Delivery service as a support for building customized APK. This will further lead to satisfaction among the users. The runtime for installation is the period when it is delivered seamlessly. Let's first look at what android app bundles are, and then we can move forward with their utility in several businesses.

What is Android App Bundle?

A publishing format launched by android has become known as the android app bundle (.aab). With the advent of android app bundles releasing and publishing apps into the Google Play Store has become efficient and seamless. A small app can cater to your needs for a great user experience because of the android app bundles. Thus, your app could be smaller if you used android app bundle>. Installation rate has increased as a result, whereas installation fails have decreased by multiple folds. Android app bundles have been helpful in publishing, releasing, and building applications across various disparate devices. Taking its success, more than 600,000 apps and games have used android app bundles in their generation. One of the famous examples would be Netflix. Here are the top reasons why Businesses must have to use Android app bundles.

Why businesses should use android app bundles:

  1. Reduced in size:  android app bundles help you reduce the size of your application by multiple folds as they can support small-sized applications and games extensively. Taking the stats, the android application development service has decreased about 20% on average. Thus, Android app bundles curtail the app size to a significant amount. Moreover, the new app size report option on the Google Play console helps you comprehend your app's size extensively. Android application development serviceis there to help you out with this data and various other services. android app bundles As a fund fact, Adobe also used the android app bundles to curtail the size of their app- Adobe Acrobat Reader by 20%. Such a popular Android application development company has utilized the excellent service provided by using android app bundles. Android app bundle advantages are humongous. This is the reason why the top-notch android application development service uses them.
  2. Installation rate increased: one of the significant factors why installation rate decreases among users is the storage issue. The storage provided in the android devices is limited, and thus, a huge app cannot fit into the device quite seamlessly. Several studies have shown that the smaller the app size, the greater the installation rate. No one wants to fill up their device's space with additional large apps. Thus, people tend to ignore the apps or find a replacement for the vast apps. device's space with additional large apps Android app bundles create a ripple effect when it comes to app installation rates. Although updates become more accessible for the users, this uninstallation rate declines. So if you wish to enhance the impact of your business app on the target audience, go with android app bundles.
  1. Efficiency increased: android app bundle helps you create an artifact that can be used to store various stuff like codes, resources, and even native libraries. This increases the work efficiency, thereby reducing the extra effort. Now you don't have to sign, build, upload or manage the version codes for numerous APIs. Android app developmentbecomes more accessible with Android app bundles in place. And increased efficiency implies boosted sales for your business.
  2. Quick downloads: android app bundles result in enhanced efficiency and compatibility with various devices, thus making the downloading procedure quicker than ever.
  3. Codes are integrated: with integrated code availability, app bundles aid the android application development service in preparing a 64-bit requirement without increasing the size of the app. Thereby, the native code needed for each device delivers without much effort.
  4. Engineering is super rapid: the speed of engineering an app boosts up with the app bundle advantages in place. Android app development has now become more accessible and faster with the help of this app bundle service. The velocity of building an app increases right from the beginning of the procedure. Construction dynamics of the app, assigning self-reliant modules to design, testing, and releasing the app, all of the processes are now quicker and smoother. The velocity of developing an app impacts the efficiency of a business. A widespread example of this would be-a huge 70%decline in app builds time of the Book My Show application. This was possible only because of app bundles, as it can sumo resources with much ease into the bundle instead of taking the pain of segregating them.
  1. Manual efforts curtailed: with the app bundles at your service, you do not have to worry about the extensive manual efforts you put in for development. Android application development now retains its simplicity and seamless experience because of the introduction of app bundles. Specific procedures are now fully automated. In addition, post-development protocols are now simplified as sharing a link on a lack channel automatically. This allows you to reduce the additional efforts, cost, and time to increase your business's growth.
  2. Delivery has become Dynamic: with app bundles, a new vision of dynamic delivery also originated. A developer can distribute dependent properties during the installation based on features like device elements (E.g., AR/VR), the country of the user, and the device's specifications. device's specificationsThe on-demand mode allows the users to choose their favorite features and uninstall the undesired ones. This increases the probability of your audience loving your application.
  1. In-app updates: the Play core library allows the users to update the apps while being on the app. In the app, updates are highly beneficial for each business. Since leaving the app would increase the probability of the user not coming back. Losing a customer is not what any business wants. Thus, to save you that pain already, Android app bundles give the relief of in-app updates. Therefore, your audience can install the latest version of your app without much hassle.
  2. Plus point for game developers: uploading up to 150MB of download size in compressed form is the best gift for the game developers so far. This is a contrasting blessing in light of APKs issuing only 100MB compressed download size.
  3. Play Asset delivery: Not just this, the gamers are in a pool of happiness because of other substantial features provided by app bundles, such as the extended support of app bundles to support game assets. A single artifact can contain large game datasets of a game with substantial dynamic customer delivery choices. This replaces the requirement of expanding files.
  4. Instant games: as intriguing as the name appears, the gaming maniacs can get a real first-hand experience of the game developed without installing the app already. This fantastic feature is a boon of app bundles. Android application development service has benefitted big time with this feature.
  5. Key loss is protected: losing an upload key is not an issue these days. Android app bundle advantages have run their magic in this aspect too. All you need to do is to confirm your identity, and you'll get a new upload key instantly. But, losing your app signing key without opting into the Google Play App Signing might land you in trouble because then Google can't aid you with anything. Of course, now more uploads will be possible after that.
  6. Weak key replacement: a compromised key can be traded for a new one without much hassle. A key upgrade is now available at the Play App Signing. You can seamlessly opt for a cryptographically powerful key.
  7. The future is here! With android app bundles, plenty of tools and delivery mechanisms have made possible, which developers could not even think would be feasible one day. 

Test your application bundle

After building an Android app bundle, you should examine how Google Play will use it to build APKs and how those APKs will behave when deployed to the device. You can use the following methods to test the same thing: Test your application bundle locally using the bundle tool. This application will generate APKs from bundle and apply them to the connected devices. Distribute your app with a URL. This is the fastest way to upload an app bundle and share the app with testers in the form of a link to the Google Play Store. Set up an open, closed, or internal test. This is another way to test custom delivery options, such as downloading application features on demand.

In a Nutshell

Android Bundle is an excellent platform to publish your applications while ensuring a dynamic distribution and more exciting features for the future. Here lies the future. As the best Android application development services, WEDOWEBAPPS LLC helps you stay ahead of the game with our services and expertise. We help you get the most out of your android application with simple and effective strategies. You can send your queries to and schedule a meeting with our experts.


How to create Android App Bundle?

Both Gradle and the Buck build system today support application bindles. You can build application bundles in Android Studio 3.2+: just generate signed bundles from the Build menu in Android Studio to get started, Unity 2018.3 and 2017.4.17 or later, and Cocos Creator 2.0.9 later Select a later version. Edition.

How do I test generated apps from Android App Bundle?

During the daily development of new features and bug fixes, you can continue building and installing APKs locally, as you are accustomed to. If you're interested in actually testing what's being served on each device, use internal app sharing or any Playtest track to get your test apps delivered to Play. In short, internal app sharing allows you to share trial versions quickly and easily: upload the app to Play, get a shareable URL, and use that URL to download and test the app. Could you do it? You don't have to worry about version codes or signing keys, and the test app can be fixed.

Do I need to sign up for the Play Signing app?

Yes. An application bundle is a publication format that Google Play processes to distribute on a device. Like other major app stores, Google Play has a signing key to sign artifacts generated for distribution. Google stores application signing keys on the same highly secure servers that are used to protect Google's own keys. This unlocks the benefits of application bundle - you simply upload an application bundle artifact to Play, and the rest happens automatically.

How do I modify my application and use the Play feature function?

Learn more about modernizing your application in the Play Feature Delivery documentation, which includes code labs and samples. You can choose to distribute feature modules at installation time and uninstall them when they are no longer needed, or you can distribute feature modules at installation time based on conditions such as device features, user country, or SDK version. You can also distribute functional modules on demand and install them or run them in the background when needed. On-demand function modules can be part of a long-term strategy to prevent application size from growing as you add new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Android App Bundles?

Android App Bundles are a publishing format introduced by Google for Android apps, which allow developers to deliver optimized versions of their app to users based on their device configuration and user preferences.

Why should businesses invest in Android App Bundles?

There are several reasons why businesses should consider investing in Android App Bundles, including:

  • Reduced app size: Android App Bundles allow developers to deliver optimized versions of their app to users, which can significantly reduce the app size. This, in turn, can improve app download and installation speed, particularly for users with limited data plans or slower internet connections.
  • Improved performance: Android App Bundles can optimize the app for the specific device configuration and user preferences, which can lead to improved app performance and user experience.
  • Simplified app updates: Android App Bundles simplify the app update process, as developers can make changes to specific parts of the app without having to update the entire app.
  • Increased discoverability: Android App Bundles can increase the discoverability of the app on the Google Play Store, as Google may show the app to users who are more likely to download and use it.
  • Enhanced security: Android App Bundles use a secure delivery mechanism that ensures the app is delivered to users in its intended form, reducing the risk of tampering or security breaches.
  • Better user engagement: Android App Bundles can provide a more personalized user experience, as developers can optimize the app for the specific user's device and preferences, leading to increased engagement and retention.

Do businesses need to have technical expertise to use Android App Bundles?

While some technical expertise is required to use Android App Bundles, businesses can hire developers or use third-party tools to create and publish Android App Bundles.

Are there any additional costs associated with using Android App Bundles?

There are no additional costs associated with using Android App Bundles. However, businesses may need to invest in additional resources, such as hiring developers or using third-party tools, to create and publish Android App Bundles.

Can Android App Bundles be used for all types of apps?

Android App Bundles can be used for most types of Android apps, including games, productivity apps, and social networking apps.

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