Significant Benefits of Custom PHP Development

by ketan patel

These days, it is important for the businesses to have their own website. Websites are developed using the various programming language and PHP is one of them. This article will tell you about the benefits of custom PHP development.Technology has gained significant importance in the lives of people and it is upgrading very fast. In this world of technology, the internet is playing an important role of making human life easy by availing the required information easily and quickly. With the increased usage of internet and people’s desire to perform every task online, it has become necessary for the businesses to have their own website which will not only provide the information about your product and services but also allow customers to do the purchases and make an online payment. Websites are developed using various programming language, but you can develop a customized website with the help of PHP and such websites are capable of driving online traffic towards them. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of custom PHP development.


  • PHP is an open source language – PHP is an open source language which is implemented on the server side. Being an open source programming language it allows you to access the required scripting code from the pages of the website. This code can be used as a reference for website development in the future.
  • Easy development- Custom PHP development allows integration with many tools, content management systems and few other scripting languages like Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Javascript, Tank CMS and many others. Therefore, it becomes easy for a developer to develop dynamic websites and users can also change the content of the website through Admin Panel easily. Additionally, PHP is compatible with various operating systems including UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mac OS; which is also an advantage.
  • Easy to manage- The customized websites developed by using PHP as programming language can be managed easily by the users. They can handle the management effortlessly and even enhance the level of development by taking the assistance of few of the famous PHP structures and frameworks like Symfony, Code Igniter, Flight, Zend, Kohana and many others.
  • Cost effective- Custom PHP development is less expensive when compared to the development done with the help of some other programming languages. As mentioned earlier, PHP is an open source programming language and hence, development of the website is done without any cost using this language. You also don’t need to purchase any license in order to implement PHP on the server. Therefore, PHP development proves to be a cost effective option.
  • Flexibility in database connectivity- When it comes to database connectivity, PHP website development is a great option as it offers flexibility. You can select to synchronize one of the databases from MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and SQLite as backend. Most used among them for the development of e-commerce platforms is MySQL. MySQL-PHP is considered as the great combination for development for applications like Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management.

These are the benefits you can gain if you make use of PHP for custom website development. So, if you are planning to develop a website for your business in near future, insist on making use of PHP and if you are going to develop an e-commerce website, then try and stick to PHP-MySQL combination. You will surely have the best performing website.

Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP

by ketan patel

It is hard imagining any website without a content management system (CMS). The cms maintain the data on the website in a proper manner. Our present blog on, Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP is about custom cms development in PHP. Here we will describe the development procedure as well as certain benefits of the given platform.

Essential features of custom cms development in PHP

Below are some essential features which a business owner must check out while availing services of custom cms development.
Portable: The CMS system must be portable enough. A Developer should be easily able to develop the website with the available widgets, themes and plugin tools. It should be easier converting the data from one form to another.
Dynamic: The website for which they are developing the cms system should be dynamic. It should be easier making any kind of changes on the website with an ease. Besides that, the distribution of the content on the website must be done in a proper manner. Such that it becomes easier for the user to find things on the website.
Data Security: These days, Data Security is one of the most important parameters while creating any website. The business owners are more often worried about the misuse of their data. So, the developers must assure the data security while developing a custom cms system.
Admin Interface: The main duty of the admin is managing the themes, contents, users as well as other aspects of the website. But, the developer can create it in such a way that the tasks of the admin enhance.

How to carry out custom cms development in PHP?

While carrying out cms development in PHP, the developer has to consider some of the following points in mind:
First of all, while developing the cms the developer has to follow a file structure. Depending upon the number of folders, subfolders, files and different types of categories the business owner will decide a file structure and the developer will do it accordingly. This results in the proper redirecting of the requests from the browser.
In the next step, you have to define all the configurations for the web page. The PHP file will receive the requests and will prepare a responsive web page. Then the developer will create file extensions with the functions. In this way, he can assign a function to each of the folders.
There is also need of a security variable. It will restrict the access of file to any other user. This assures the security of the data. For registering the themes of the website for designing purpose, there is also a requirement of the template function. Besides that, for checking the form submission request the user will need a session variable.
In the present blog on, Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP we briefed you out about the custom cms development in PHP along with its essential requirements as well as development procedure of the system.

Benefits of Customization in PHP

by ketan patel

As a result of several new applications relating to the Web and mobile
technology, the recent interventions ensure fulfilling the outdated core platforms as well as enterprise software with advanced structural frameworks, architectures and capabilities are imperative. All the modern organizations continuously turned inclined towards PHP framework in order to provide customization and integration capabilities with regards to a modern high-end user interface, critical application and website performance, credible functionalities, reliability in quality, and at the end, the commercial as well as individual support expected in the enterprise.

Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Cake PHP and Symfony are some frameworks gaining popularity among developers. All of the above frameworks are similar in supporting the PHP versions, Model-View-Controller (MVC), multiple databases as well as in terms of supporting templates. Interestingly, in addition to PHP flexibilities and custom PHP development, one of the main reasons for PHP development preferences is the time required for web application development. According to a survey, the reason for larger organizations opting applications written in PHP is a quick turn around of the PHP frameworks for delivering software, implementation of new features, customer satisfaction as per requirements. This takes the consideration of the fact that everyone in the business or every stakeholder gains profit when the process of delivering product or services is least with great efficiency score.

Compared to early years of PHP after its introduction and today, observing the PHP framework usage, it is valid to state that the mobile and web developing organizations have tremendously used the framework and gaining an overall expertise over it. All the applications and websites built with the custom PHP are critical in business applications and therefore, increased the productivity of the corporates and individuals by appreciating the Information Technology applications with the task. With this regards, custom CMS development in PHP has gained importance to an extent where every modern functionality requires integration capabilities, reliability, commercial support and modern User Interface.

With recent interventions on the internet, as per the requirements of the increasing business functional needs not only of the corporate clients having own backend admins to ensure the reliable working of the website, but also the individual users having a small or mid-sized business, the website frameworks as well as platforms keep on changing. With this regards, the recent utility of Content Management Systems (CMS), because of an easy manageability even by non-technical users, has increased and at present, nearly 60% of the applications and website are based on the PHP framework. Surprisingly, the demand for PHP custom development remains strongest on the track of future amends.

With shorter development cycles, PHP development and customization are as per the needs of Scalability, Performance, Cloud readiness, and security are the unique selling points (USP) of Custom PHP development.

Excellent and experienced team of Codeigniter

by ketan patel

It is one of the diamond of PHP, a open source framework that helps developer and programmer to create dynamic web applications. It is powerful framework of PHP having small footprints and helping developers to built full functional web applications. Codeigniter contains a set of libraries which allows developers to user them for creating dynamic applications.

WeDoWebApps is a leading software and web development company offers services of Custom web application development having excellent team for CodeIgniter to provide outstanding and excellent web solutions to clients.

It is a light weight platform to create applications that contain huge amount of data and make application highly secured.

Reason for using PHP Codeigniter framework for web application development:

  • Its offers excellent and outstanding performance.
  • As open source so easy to deploy and configure.
  • Its allows you to customize your requirement.
  • Its makes coding in PHP very simple and easy to use.
  • Provides easy migration from server hosting to server hosting.
  • Its consists of good collections of libraries.
  • It enable MVC approach to create website development.
  • Its helps you to construct your own URL

Reason to hire WE DO WEB APPS for PHP Codeignitor framework :

  • Superb 7+ years experience in Web-based solutions.
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  • Provide Cost effective rapid web development using codeignitor.
  • Over 200+ project successfully delivered.
  • Strong knowledge in PHP Codeignitor, CAKE PHP, ZEND Framework, Hibernate, JavaScript.

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