Magento Web Development Agency

by ketan patel

Facilitating many user benefits, Magento is a versatile platform for creating an Ecommerce store. WeDoWebApps offers the services of Magento Web Development Agency to our esteemed client base located all over the world. While we take pride in delivering charismatic services, beneath given are the key services which we facilitate.

Why WeDoWebApps as a Magento Web Development Agency?

Bug Detection and Fixing

Bugs are the frequent occurrence if the website isn’t secure. WeDoWebApps follows a strategy for the quicker bug detection and its fixing. We will detect any error taking place while the user is accessing the website. Going to the sections, where the bug occurred, we check it, test it and fix it. Hence, ensuring the smoother operating of the website.

Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle

Developers at WeDoWebApps are completely familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle. They are well-efficient in developing your dream into a working project. Passing through a step by step procedure for development, they often report the project to you and take your feedback. As a result, the Magento website which they will build for you will be as per your requirement.

Professional Approach

During the project development, we follow a completely professional approach. Creating a website begins with the project discussion. Later on, we move on to development of a prototype, taking your feedback, creating the final website, its testing and then launching. In all this course, we make it utmost sure that we deliver and accomplish all the task on the date we promised. Hence, we will be delivering your project to you on or before the date of delivery.

Easy Product Management System

When developing an Ecommerce website, it is very much necessary for us to take care of the products in an appropriate manner. Each of the products shall be arranged properly at their proper place. WeDoWebApps as a Magento Web Development Agency follows an easy product management system which will help in the proper display of the product from both the ends.

Better Performance

The Magento website that we create will be offering you with a better performance. With the inbuilt tools, it is having for marketing and tracking the analytics, we will be able to get a better return on investment which we will make on it.

Improved Back End Interface

Handling the website and making modifications in it is seemingly a tough task from the backend. However, our efficient developers create an improved backend interface. Hence, you will also be able to make changes in the website on your own. It will become much simpler for you to access the website through it.

Scalable Features

We create websites with scalable features, better options and rich information. Thus, the website will not only informative to the users but also it will allow them to do a lot of things. In this manner, the website will become extremely popular among the user base.

Magento Website Development

by ketan patel

With the increase in Ecommerce market, Magento is becoming a widely popular platform for launching an online store. WeDoWebApps is having expertise in providing the Magento website development services to various clients in their domain. With plenty of benefits to offer the consumers with, here is a glimpse of some.

Top Benefits of Magento Website Development for Ecommerce Business

Tools for Business Growth

There are inbuilt tools in Magento so as to increase the growth of the business. With the use of such tools, we can increase the sales of a product, get the webpage a higher rank on the search engines, target the audience visiting the website, retargeting the audience which browsed through the items etc. All such tasks will make a massive impact on the sales of the products and increase the ROI.

Affordable Development Cost

Magento website development consumes much less of our time. It is easy to migrate the data from a platform to Magento. As a result, we will require making less efforts and dedicating less time to the development. Hence, the development cost would be affordable and convenient to our pocket.

Expert Magento Developers

The team of WeDoWebApps consists of Expert Magento Developers. They can handle any kind of project related to any niche, with an ease. Ranging from a small online retail shop to a vast Ecommerce website, everything is possible for them without much trouble.

Simple Migration without Loss of Data

Perhaps, the best part while working with Magento is its simple migration. One can easily migrate to Magento from any other platform without any kind of loss of data. This would save the time and efforts necessary to develop the things, content, images and graphics from a scratch. As a result, the one who is not using the Magento platform can also migrate to it without any kind of trouble.

Less Development Time

While developing a project with Magento, there are various tools and techniques available for the development. It is having many inbuilt features as well as modules present in it. All such tools reduce the development time to a greater extent. Therefore, getting the website ready on the Magento platform will be less time consuming.

Product Comparison Facility

In the Magento platform, the best things for users is that they are having product comparison facility readily available. Thus, they can easily take two products and compare them with regards to their features, deliverables, costs, warranty, guarantee and various such aspects. This would make it easier for them to get the best product to their place.

Simple Handling from Admin End

Handling and operating the Magento website from the Admin’s end is extremely simple. Hence, the online business owner will be easily able to handle the various tasks and operations of the website. This will make it easier for him to monitor it.

Magento Web Development Services

by ketan patel

The Magento is an extremely versatile platform for the creation of an online web store. We as a Magento Web Development Services provider take pride in the practices we are following in our organization. Here is a quick glance that How WeDoWebApps can make the product development with Magento extremely easier for the clients.

Why choose WeDoWebApps for Magento Web Development Services?

Track of Analytics

With Magento, we can keep a better track record of the analytics. In this way, monitoring the sales of the products and tracking the visitors of a webpage becomes extremely simple for the business owner. Furthermore, we can use the same analytics for the purpose of gaining the audience and marketing of the products.

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

There are inbuilt marketing tools on the Magento website. WeDoWebApps makes use of such effective tools and techniques for marketing of the website. This will bring more traffic to the website and increase the ROI.

Simple Store Management

Managing the store will become extremely simple from the Admin panel that we will create for your website. The Magento developers at WeDoWebApps makes it easier to manage the store. This will keep all the products and content in their proper place. Hence, the store will appear attractive with the eye-catching design and be managing it wouldn’t be difficult for them.

Easier Checkout

Checking out from the website shall be very much simpler. Along with the website, we also create a shopping cart and a secure payment gateway. This will make adding and subtracting the products simpler. Moreover, checking out wouldn’t also be troublesome. In this manner, the buyers will be getting a pleasant shopping experience while purchasing the products from the website.

Simple Navigation of Products

For making the website convenient from the user’s perspective, it should be easily accessible from the front end. We create and arrange the products properly so as to make navigating through them and selecting the suitable product becomes extremely easier. Apart from that, we also make it sure that the content and other such details of the products are properly visible to the users. Hence, the buyer will be able to gain the complete information about the items before purchasing them.

Integrating with Social Media Platforms

We also provide the services of integrating the Magento website with various Social Media platforms. The social media is an effective tool for the marketing of a website. The Social media integration will also make it possible for the user to share the content of the website on their social media profiles. This could result in the generation of traffic to the website.

Responsive Magento Website

While offering the Magento web development services, we take utmost care in creating a responsive website. Such website will appear similar across all the platforms, devices and browsers it is accessed from. Hence, offering the similar UI in all the cases.

Magento Ecommerce Website Development

by ketan patel

With its release in 2008, Magento has become the first preference for the development of an Online shop. We are providing the services of Magento Ecommerce Website Development to our esteemed clients. It is a suitable platform when one is entering the online world from a conventional shop.

Beneath given are some of the top features Magento Ecommerce website development offers to the business owners.

Top features of Magento Ecommerce Website Development

SEO Centric Platform

Magento constitutes inbuilt tools for carrying out the Search engine optimization of the website. Hence, the website will optimize itself according to the algorithms of the search engines. This will result in a higher page rank on the search engines.

Efficient Order Management System

On an Ecommerce platform, one shall properly manage the order. Right beginning from the order, till its packing and shipping it to the customer, all the process shall be monitored properly. Magento is having a well efficient order management system that will take deep into all these steps and monitor all the processes accordingly. This will help them identify the stages where the product delivery is delayed. Hence, notifying the customers of the exact delivery time becomes possible.

Simple Checkout and Payment

WeDoWebApps creates a website with a simple checkout and payment system. As a result, shopping from the Ecommerce website becomes hassle-free for them. Furthermore, the easier payment system prevents the drop out ratio of the clients not buying a product. Magento provides more than 50 secure payment options to choose from.

User Account Management

We also create an efficient User Account for the users of the website. It will make the shopping experience easier them by allowing them with the functions such as adding products to cart, reviewing their orders and keeping their track record until delivery. Apart from that, they can also review the purchased products in order to help the other customers. This facilitates the option of verified customer reviews.

Advertising and Marketing Tools

With the help of Google Analytics as a marketing tool in Magento, keeping a record of the buyers browsing through the products becomes simple in Magento. Therefore, during the Magento Ecommerce website development, WeDoWebApps provides complete details about all such tools to the clients and installs them on the website.

Catalogue Management for Products

The proper catalogue management for products is utmost necessary for the attractive shop layout. We provide the services of catalogue management in order to properly manage the product.


Tracking the Analytics

With the Analytics tracking, retargeting the Audience which has visited your website becomes a simple task. This feature plays a major role in the marketing of an Ecommerce platform. Therefore, the online business owner shall take the analytics into consideration and target the audience through various strategies.

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Magento Ecommerce Development

by ketan patel

Magento is an efficient platform for Custom Ecommerce development. With our expertise in creating Ecommerce store, WeDoWebApps is providing the services of Magento Ecommerce development. We create beautifully designed online stores, which will not only make the products appear classic, but also will help in increasing the sales of the products.

Here is a glimpse of what Magento Ecommerce development with us feels like:

Magento Ecommerce Development with WeDoWebApps

Website Migration

There are some clients who currently use some other platform and now they wish to migrate to Magento. For such kind of clients, WeDoWebApps is offering the services of website migration to Magento. With the use of effective tools for migration, we convert the documents as per the requirement of Magento platform. This would save the time and efforts to be laid on preparing the documents from scratch.

Hire Magento Developers

WeDoWebApps also offers the service to Hire Magento developers. Hence, you will be able to completely monitor the whole procedure of your website creation, suggest your inputs. This will result in the completely business driven website as per the wishes of the online business owner.

Magento Custom Module Development

Along with the Magento Installation, there also comes some pre-installed modules. We provide the services of Magento custom module development as per clientele requirement. This provides them with the personalized experience while accessing the website.

Multi-Language Compatibility

There are some websites which require the installation of regional languages. Magento is a feature-rich platform, that facilitates multi-language compatibility along with the regional language support. Therefore, if the website is targetting a specific region, one can have it in their own language.

Options Availability in Payment Gateways

A secure payment gateway is an important part of an Ecommerce website. The payment gateway act as an important medium for the transactions through the website. When working with Magento, there are more than 50 options available with regards to Payment Gateways. Therefore, it is easy for one to choose from in between these multiple options for the suitable payment gateway of their own choice.

Customized Marketing Tools

For the marketing and promotion of the website, there are various tools in existence. Such marketing tools and extensions keep a track record of the products through which the consumers are browsing. Hence, targetting such people with the help of Social Media Marketing and Google Ads becomes possible for the business owner.

Personalized Shopping Experience

While creating a website on Magento Platform, we make sure to provide the consumer with a personalized shopping experience. This gives them a feeling of attention, simple to use functions, rich features and easy to access options. In this manner, shopping the various commodities from the website will be a simple task for the user.

Magento Development Company

by ketan patel

With an increased demand for Magento platform in Ecommerce store development, there is also an increase in the service providers for Magento development. WeDoWebApps is a Magento development company which is providing different services of Magento platform.

WeDoWebApps’s key deliverables as a Magento Development Company

Value for Money

Our main aim while developing any project is to offer our client with the full return of the money they are investing. A project that you will finalize during the discussion with our consultants, we discuss it and develop it in such a way that you get maximum return on investment. Our team of developers stick completely to the guidelines as well as deadlines. Thus, always providing you with the precise solutions to all your queries.

Working in different Domain

WeDoWebApps takes pride in having an expertise of working in different kind of domains. This has made us familiar with the needs and requirements of a particular domain and delivering the same to our new clients. During the discussion of the project, our consultants will give their input and suggestions. Hence, resulting in the user-friendly website, that will attract a number of visitors.

Account Manager

We are also facilitating the clients with a dedicated account manager. Using the account manager, the client can raise any of their queries, or the issues they are facing. This will initiate a better maintenance, support and project execution.


WeDoWebApps is a Magento development company having a partnership and long-term accreditations with Magento and Google. Having Magento certified developers and consultant, the team has sufficient resources making flawless and reliable stores. Such certification indicates the versatility and standards of projects which we undertake in our office. We always aim in delivery best to our clients.

Verified Customer Reviews

Prior to buying any product from an online retailer, the user looks for the customer review. A verified customer review is an important parameter for online shopping. Considering this point, We also provide the services integrating the verified customer reviews from the real buyers. This increases the level of trust in the mind of a buyer while purchasing any product from your online store.

Compatible Websites

We create compatible websites that will function perfectly across all the platforms one is accessing them from. Irrespective of the size of the device, it’s type and operating system, the website will optimize itself accordingly. In this way, it will provide a better user experience while accessing the website. Hence, browsing and exploring out of a million products will be extremely comfortable and user-friendly.

Standard Product Development Lifecycle

While developing a project, we emphasize on following the standard product development lifecycle. This makes us deliver the optimum solutions at each stage. Following the step by step procedure of development, we often show it to the client and take their feedback. Making the necessary changes as per their recommendations, we assure on delivering it right on time.

Magento Development Agency

by ketan patel

In this continuously transforming world, the introduction of Magento as a platform for Ecommerce development was a revolutionary step. Since its inception in 2008 till now, around 25% of the all shopping website operates on this open source Ecommerce platform. WeDoWebApps is providing the services of Magento development agency to various esteemed clients.

Have a glance at the services we are providing in this segment:

Services of WeDoWebApps as Magento Development Agency

Magento Hosting

With the proper hosting service provider, the website functions properly across all the devices. Therefore, we make use of a well-efficient hosting system. As a result, there wouldn’t be any kind of glitches or breakdowns of the system in case there is a high traffic on the website.

Speed Optimization

Optimizing the speed of the website is utmost necessary. Users fade away from the website which takes too much time for loading the webpage. Hence, as a Magento Development Agency, we make sure to optimize the website speed. This makes the webpage to load quicker saving the time from the user’s end.

Upgrading Features

The Magento platform is going through a continuous transformation. Thus, there is a frequent inclusion of features and tools. We keep in touch with the latest technology and time to time update our clients with the additional features. In this manner, we keep them updated and install all the essential tools.


Either due to technical upgradations or presence of bugs in the system, we often require carrying out troubleshooting of the website. This will prevent the problems occurring on the Magento website and ensures its well-efficient functioning. These are the services one avails when there is any kind of issues on the website. WeDoWebApps is providing 24*7 support to the clients so that all the errors can be tracked and solved within no time.

Store Maintenance

Maintaining the Ecommerce store and making it attractive is very much necessary for the retailers. We are having well-efficient designers, who make the store appear extremely fascinating and eye-catching. People get attracted towards such products and purchase them quickly. We integrate all the necessary features in the store and provides a better shopping experience to them on all grounds.

Website Updating

With the change in time, there is often a requirement of updating the information on the website. We provide the services of website updating according to the business needs. With the change in time, one requires updating the products, content, features, sections, tabs and a lot more. Website updating is a key to cope up with the ever-changing world. Hence, it features among the essential services of a Magento Development agency.

Migration to Magento

Often there is a requirement of fetching the data from one platform and converting it to the another. We are having expert developers who are familiar with the efficient tools for converting the data from PSD to Magento and a lot more.

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Magento Agency in London

by ketan patel

Magento is an extremely versatile platform for Ecommerce development. These days, when the whole world is getting online, having an online store will surely give a boost to the sales. WeDoWebApps offers the services of Magento Agency London which is well-efficient in the development of an Ecommerce store using Magento platform.

Perks of using Magento Ecommerce for your website

Advanced SEO

Carrying out the SEO of the website with the help of Magento is a simple procedure with Magento. It is a pre-requisite for every online store to rank higher on the various search engines. Magento consists of an inbuilt feature that will take your products on the first page of search engines. It offers us with the tasks such as URL optimization, Keyword optimization, adjusting the sitemap, alt attributes in the images, snippet editor and a lot more.

Availability of Extensions and Plugins

With Magento, there are plenty of options available with regards to adding extensions and plugins to the website. These tools extend the functionality of the given platform and allow the users to carry out various tasks. In this manner, the website becomes user-friendly and will become popular in no time.

Customer Centric

Magento follows a customer-centric approach. In this ever-changing world of consumer behaviour, Magento thrives on making a business a brand. If a brand succeeds in making the things possible for their user base, it is because of the support Magento facilitates to them.

Different Editions

While developing a project on Magento, there are two different editions available with the user. i.e. Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The community edition is for the people who just wish to explore few features of Magento. On the other hand, the enterprise edition is a complete access to all the features that Magento offers.

Simple Integration

Perhaps, the best part about Magento is its simple integration procedure. It is having a partnership with many software providers and third-party applications. Due to this, there is a maximum availability of options for Payment Gateways, E-mail service providers, Social Media Platforms and a lot more.

Our Expertise as Magento Agency London

  • Developing a project with WeDoWebApps is extremely simple. It begins with a discussion with our consultation team. They listen carefully to your requirements and ideas, give their feedback on it and input their suggestions. Furthermore, our team also explains the possibilities one can have with Magento.
  • Once we get the confirmation from your side, the development of project start. We take care of the complete product development lifecycle and complete it as per clientele requirement. Completing the project on time, and delivering within the deadline is our main significance.
  • After the delivery of the project, we as a Magento Agency London always continue the support to them. We inform about the technical upgradations, maintenance and inclusion of new tools. In this way, we keep your website updated with the latest features.

Magento Agency

by ketan patel

When it comes to an Ecommerce store, Magento is a choice for 1/4th of the retailers. With this wide popularity gaining platform, WeDoWebApps is offering the services of a Magento Agency since a long time duration. This signifies the expertise our developers are having while creating a project on Magento.

Here is a glance at the services WeDoWebApps is facilitating to the clients:

Our services as Magento Agency

Magento Extension Development

Developers at WeDoWebApps create excellent plugins and extensions which extend the functionality of any given website. It allows the users with functions such as installation, downloading and uploading the data on the website. Additionally, integrating the platform with third-party applications, sharing the content of the website on different websites becomes possible.

Magento Store Design & Development

While designing the Ecommerce store, we take care that it appears eye-catching and attractive. Properly arranging the products in the store, our designers edit them design perfectly for gaining the maximum attention from user’s end. We take care of displaying all the content properly while designing the store. Hence, making the things easier for the user while shopping from the website.

Magento Theme Development & Customization

The theme of the Magento website makes a major impact on its appearance. With wide options available among the themes and templates, we also develop custom themes as per client’s requirement. We also customize them according to website design for creating an attractive platform.

Marketing of the Website

WeDoWebApps also provides the services of marketing of the website. It is necessary to make the website reach the target audience. With the use of multiple marketing strategies and various tools, we make it sure that the website becomes popular and gives maximum ROI to the retailer.

Support and Maintenance

The Magento platform requires full-time support for the proper functioning. Moreover, it also requires regular maintenance in order to remove the glitches and errors occurring in the system. WeDoWebApps provide 24*7 support and maintenance of the website. So that, any error occurring in the system can be resolved within no time.

PSD to Magento

Often there is a requirement of converting the Photoshop Document to the Magento Platform. WeDoWebApps, as a Magento Agency is having a team of expert technicians which handle this task of conversion with an ease. As a result, preparing the content for the website will become a simple task.

Magento Integration

There are different types of integrations options available with Magento. It includes payment integration, theme integration and a lot more. WeDoWebApps, being a Magento Agency is having an excellent on hand experience with such integration phases. This will create a platform with rich features and many things to do.

Magento App Development

The mobile application makes browsing easier for the users who are accessing it from a handheld device. We create applications with a phenomenal user experience. This not only increases the user’s convenience while shopping but also allows the online retailer to send notifications and offers to them.