Top React Native Podcasts you shouldn’t miss in 2019

by ketan patel

When technology stretches, it’s frontiers now, and then, you need to stay updated about the market trends. There are numerous resources available online to guide you; right from the video tutorials to in-depth blogs, from the renowned institutes and tech companies across the world. With the availability of the internet, you can’t say that you don’t have access to resources. Instead, the puzzle is, to choose the best and most reliable source. 

One of the biggest challenges is, taking the time to read those lengthy blogs about the updates. I know, as a developer, you won’t be getting much of the time to research. In such cases, following the community influencers and experts in the field, is one of the fantastic ways to stay updated. 

Do you know why? 

Well, a person in the same boat can always guide you well. Experts in the field can address the exact points that you should focus on. If you are a developer with the thirst to upgrade your skills or an individual working in the react native development company; these 5 React Native podcasts can be profitable for you. 

  • React Native Radio:

One of the famous faces of the tech industry and founder of, Charles Max Wood initiated the podcast with the name  The podcast on the channel is led by Dabit Nader, who is a cross-platform developer. 

What will I get: In the podcast series, you will get reviews upon the new software and distinct features of them. This way, you can keep an eye of the framework functionalities that are yet to explore, or the ones that improve your productivity. 

Frequency: Weekly 

You can follow Charles Wood and Nader Dabit, on their Twitter handles, and to stay tuned to podcasts, navigate to and iTunes

  • Software Engineering Daily:

As a software engineer, Software Engineering Daily can be an amazing fit to fuel your technical mind. Jeff Meyerson took the idea of understanding and sharing the software updates and trends with the community of developers.

What will I get: From software updates to the podcasts especially targeting cross-platform mobile app development and how React Native can help you, you will find it all. You can also check the popular podcasts of the month. 

Frequency: 5 times a week. So, you can listen to these podcasts daily and keep yourself updated. 

You can listen to Jeff’s podcasts on Software Engineering Daily as well as on iTunes

  • Software Engineering Radio: 

Markus Voelter founded Software Engineering Radio in 2006 for professional developers. These days, IEEE Software staff and volunteers manage it. 

What will I get: The podcasts will share the interviews and communication with experts about the relevant programming topics. You can find profitable and value-adding tips for your React Native development company as well as the advice that can grow your knowledge. 

Frequency: 3-4 times a month

To follow the podcasts, you can switch to iTunes and the official website of Software Engineering Radio. 

  • React Podcast: Michael & Chan 

After acquiring enough knowledge in the industry, the podcast channel, React Michael Chan, and Michael Jackson started a podcast. 

Frequency: 3-4 times a month.

You can listen to their podcasts on and iTunes. I am sure you don’t want to miss the news, interviews, and updates on React Native, so you can follow their tweets on Twitter

The best thing about the podcast is, you can listen to them even while commuting between places. So, you don’t have to take time individually for research about React Native Development. Instead, you can stay updated with your current set of tasks and can survive in the competitive market. 

Unlike videos, podcasts have very less load time and don’t occupy a lot of space on your devices. So, you can tune in without any hassle.

Comparative Analysis of React Native and Angular

by ketan patel

One of the regular debate of the techno world is going in between React and Angular. Even when both are the front end development languages and introduced by tech giants, you will find the varying opinions of people about them.

Angular was released by Google in 2010 as Angular JS and later got re-introduced in the market in 2016 as Angular 2+. When choosing Angular, you’ve to code in Javascript and TypeScript, and it is portable to as Native Script.

Whereas, React JS was introduced by everyone’s beloved, Facebook, in 2013. Unlike Angular, ReactJS involves coding by adding the third party libraries and leverages its utility native app development. Both React JS and Angular are Javascript based languages and are close competitors of one another.

They surely have distinct scoring points in different cases. But, if you are looking forward to moving ahead with the project, let me share some of the differentiating points that you must consider before deciding :

   1. What is Language architecture?

Talking about the type of architecture, then both Angular and React, follow the component-based architecture. This clearly states that both of the frameworks involve cohesive ad reusable components. However, React uses Javascript framework whereas, Angular employes Typescript. This way, Angular found to be less error-prone and more compact.

     2. How quick can you accomplish project development?

Taking up the project depends on the development tenure. React leverages the functionality of distinct libraries for distinct features. Since maximum libraries are of third – parties, dependency and the research and installation time grows.

On the contrary note, Angular enables command line interface (CLI). This helps in easy code writing with the help of Typescript.

So, when looking for agile development with not so much precision, React can surely be your go-to option.

     3. How flexible is your coding language?

ReactJS offers the flexibility to choose the tools and the libraries that as per the requirement of your app. So, you can customize and select the libraries only that can be helpful for you, at first hand.

Earlier with Angular, there was a limited amount of freedom. But, the arrival of Angular 7 (latest version of Angular) you can embed codes in HTML based apps and you can use same Angular components within another framework. ReactJS still outweighs Angular in terms of flexibility and freedom of language.

     4. How does data binding work for Angular and React?

The term ‘Data Binding’ can be intriguing for you. But, it is a simple connection between the components of the code and changed values. Now, that’s for sure that not every place in your code will be static, especially when we are talking to about the native cross-platform apps.

React works on one-way data binding logic, here the UI elements will change only after the change in the model state. However, there will not be any vice-versa changing. On the contrary, Angular employs two-way data binding; i.e., when the model state changes the UI elements going to change and update automatically.

Angular can be more efficient to serve the small projects, but such variations can be disastrous for complex projects. If you have a simple and smaller project at your plate, Angular can be the right choice, but another way round can be more helpful for you.


  1. What is the Document Object Model (DOM) employed?

DOM is closely related to data binding structure. In Angular, change in a single component changes an entire tree and thus is said to have real DOM. Whereas, the react employes virtual DOM. In the virtual DOM, the change of a single component doesn’t affect other parts of the tree.

Talking about the speed of the Document Object Model (DOM), then Virtual DOM wins over the real DOM as virtual DOM is found to be faster than the real ones.


  1. How is the mobile experience in either of the frameworks?

ReactJS offers native UI experience; it enables you to customize your native code in Java, Kotlin or Objective C. On the other hand, Angular provides Ionic framework. It allows utilizing the UI components from the available library, and that’s why it offers a web experience, even when inside the app.

So, when you are seeking for an outstanding mobile experience for the mobile application, you must count on React.


  1. How easier will it be to keep my app updated with minimum efforts?

Angular makes it easier to keep your app updated as per the industry updates. Let me tell you the reason behind it.

AngularJS and even the latest version Angular 7 enables coding in Command Line Interface (CLI). With a few sets of commands, you can update your mobile app without any worries. The two-way binding enables easy updating all the libraries used inside.

For React, transitions with updates is a huge thing. React works with the third-party libraries, and thus, a developer needs to check with the individual libraries that whether they are compatible with the updates or not. This further enhances the developer’s efforts. In such a case, you can hire a react native developer to help you through this rigorous process.

In this case, Angular wins over the React.


There are specific pros and cons of every framework. However, each of them can be the right fit for your project in distinct cases. So, you need to judge upon the factors that are profitable for you as per the project requirement. Hopefully, the above factors can help you decide the framework you need to opt.

When frameworks regularly update, you need to stay tuned to adopt the changes as per the trends. The industry standards help you in optimizing your work process and streamline your business. For further discussions about mobile application development for your business, feel free to contact us.

Cross Platform App Development from WeDoWebApps

by ketan patel

The increasing technology has resulted in the various development technologies. In such times, the cross platform app development has emerged as an effective solution for the various business owners. WeDoWebApps is developing excellent quality cross-platform applications for the different clients in need.

Well, the main significance of these apps is that they are compatible with the multiple platforms. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any requirement for developing different apps for different platforms. You can create a single app and it will provide similar results across all the platforms.

Wondering the benefits of Cross Platform App Development? Here is a glimpse of the top benefits of working on this platform!

Reusability of Codes

While developing the cross-platform apps, we just require coding for one single application. With the same codes, we will be able to create applications for the other platforms. As a result, the time that we will spend for the purpose of coding and the efforts which we will be required to be made will reduce to a greater extent. Hence, we will be delivering the project to you in no time.

Less Development Time

Because of reusability of codes and less time incurrence for designing, even the application development time also reduces. We will be creating a single app which will provide similar interface across all the platforms. Therefore, we will be able to accomplish and deliver the project to you right on time.

Similar UI/UX Design

Another great benefit fo the Cross Platform App development is its similar interface on all the devices and platforms. These applications are designed in such a way that depending on the screen size as well as the browser or platform it is accessed from, it will optimize itself. Due to this, it will offer same results and the user wouldn’t find it difficult accessing its various functions. What’s more, this will strengthen the user’s trust on the app and they will use it more and more.

Simple Implementation

The implementation as well as deploying the cross-platform apps is extremely simple. As we are not creating a separate app for each platform, we wouldn’t require frequent implementation. Our well-efficient testers are familiar with the environment and they will accomplish this task for you very soon. What’s more, your app will be ready to use within no time.

Reduction in Development Cost

Even the development cost for the cross-platform mobile applications is very much low. We are creating an app for just for a single time. Hence, we wouldn’t be investing in the development of all the platforms. The cost will be incurred for once and all. This would save the money which we will invest in the project. And we can use the same money for the marketing of the application on various social media handles.

Overwhelmed with our Cross Platform App Development services? Get in touch with our team for discussing your next project with WeDoWebApps

React Native Developers

by ketan patel

There are a plenty of considerations one requires to make during the selection procedure. Our present post on, React Native Developers consists of the various checklists one needs to check out in any developer. These are the necessary skills which the developers must possess. Hence, checking out all of them will be helpful to you so as to get a perfect developer for your project.

Essential skills of React Native Developers – Some important considerations while hiring

Here are some of the essential skills of the react native developers. Kindly go through these skills and understand them properly. A better knowledge of all these points will be helpful to you so as to hire a perfect developer for working on the project.

Testing Frameworks

The developer has to often carry out the testing of the frameworks. Therefore, he must be having a sufficient knowledge of carrying out this testing procedure. He must be having a sufficient knowledge of each of the framework and must be able to check the performance of the app on it.

Familiar with the Debugging Tools

Bugs are the occurrence which breaks down the functioning of the application. Due to this, it is utmost essential to carry out the debugging of the app frequently. Hence, the developer must be familiar with all the necessary debugging tools so as to effectively remove the bugs from the system of an app.

Aware of the JS Standards

In order to effectively develop a highly efficient application, it is necessary to follow all the standards. These standards set an example for the developers regarding the development of the application. Thus, the developers must follow the Javascript Standards during the development of an app.

Efficient Data Management

It is also essential for the developer to be highly efficient in data management. While creating an app, the developer requires handling a lot of data. Any loss or misinterpretation of data can result in a lot of ambiguity. Due to this, there must be an appropriate content management system (CMS) for efficient handling of the data.

Better Experience in developing apps

Having a relevant experience in the field of development is a plus point for the developers. Experience teaches a lot of things and an experienced developer is familiar with the work environment. Hence, one must enforce on getting services from a developer with work experience.

Project Configuration

The programmer must also have a proper knowledge of the project configuration. The configuration makes an impact on the deliverables of the project. Thus, he must be familiar with the configuration management for delivering best facilities to the users.

In the recent blog on, React Native Developers we have explained the certain essential skills that they must possess. Any developer or programmer carrying these skills can be considered as an appropriate choice for developing an app. Therefore, the online business owner must keep all these points in mind, while making a choice with regards to the developer.

Hire React Native Developer

by ketan patel

Whilst it is utmost essential for us to be careful while hiring procedure, the task becomes easier when you are familiar with the basics. In our present article on, Hire React Native Developer we are going to explain you about some basic things and important considerations which one should look out while getting the services from these developers.

How to Hire React Native Developer? – Things you must check out

Here are some of the essential things one must check out while Hiring React Native Developer. With the broad knowledge of all these skills, it will become a simple task for any company or online business owner who is looking for a good developer.

Effective Communication Skills

The developer must be having effective communication skills. There are various occasions where he has to explain about the projects to the subordinates, superiors or peers. In such circumstances, the developer must not hesitate while explaining and must provide exact information to them. Due to this, he will be able to explain about the project to everyone in a brief manner.


Having a relevant experience of the field increases the versatility with which the developer creates applications. Thus, while one is looking to Hire React Native developer, he must make it sure that the developer is having a good experience with the platform. This will make him deliver more qualitative work to the organization or to the online business owner.

Quality of the Work

Instead of the costing, the organization must enforce the quality of the work. The work quality of the developer must be well. With a better quality work, it will become simple for the users to understand the app. In this way, the app becomes easy to access and one can easily avail the function it provides.


Finishing the project at the time is an essential requirement. This helps in the better planning of the various other schedules regarding the app. Hence, the developer must be capable of completing the project right at the designated time. This increases the level of trust of organization on him, which in turn increases the credibility of his work.

Understanding of the business

It is utmost necessary for the React Native developer to have a proper understanding of the business. This will make him deliver the exact business solution as per the client’s requirement. He must be knowing the basic business rules. Furthermore, a better work experience with an organization of repute will be an added advantage.

With our present comprehensive article on, Hire React Native Developer we have given you a list of some of the essential checkouts one must make while hiring a developer for their project. Keeping all these points in mind, one will be able to make a perfect choice with regards to a developer. We hope our compilation will be helpful to you so as to get the highly skilled developer for your project.

React Native Development Company

by ketan patel

Offering the users with a long list of versatilities, React Native is offering plenty of advantages. The recent post on, React Native Development Company will explain us with the certain benefits of getting the services from these companies. Kindly go through these benefits so as to make a perfect decision regarding the project.

Benefits of availing the services of React Native Development Company

Before selecting the platform for development, one needs to know about the various other parameters. Below are the various merits of availing the services of React Native Development Company. A proper knowledge of these benefits will be helpful for the online business owner to select the suitable platform for developing the project.

Rapid Development

Developing any project on the react native platform involves a simple procedure. With these easy to use steps, creating an app using this platform will become much effortless. Moreover, the development time for developing these apps is much less. Therefore, creating apps in less time is possible with the help of this platform.

Open Source

Another benefit of developing the project with the help of this platform is that it is an open source. Due to this, it will be an easy task for the developers to get various templates, themes and various other options much easier. Furthermore, the online business owners will also be having wide options available to choose from. Hence, creating highly attractive applications that can easily meet up the requirements of the online business owner will be much simpler.

Reusability of code

One can easily use the codes of one project or platform on this platform. Therefore, it reduces the efforts the developers have to make while coding for the apps. This saves a lot of on development time and makes it extremely comfortable for them to work on the project. Also, providing similar results across all the platforms is also possible with this.

Native Performance

While developing the project on this platform, one can get the native performance. It depicts that using the app as per the convenience of the users as well as accessing its various functions will be pretty much of a simple task.

Developed by Facebook

Facebook has developed the react native platform. It is a highly versatile platform with the help of which one can create Android as well as cross-platform applications. Besides that, with the increasing technology, it is also allowing to create desktop applications. It is a simple task for the developers to create high-quality applications with the help of this platform.

While developing a project on react native, the user will get a lot of benefits. In our present blog on, React Native Development Company we have explained the certain advantages one can gain while getting these services. A proper knowledge of all these points will surely encourage you to avail these services for your project. Additionally, it will also provide a better knowledge of the platform in brief.

React Native Mobile App Development Services

by ketan patel

Since it’s inception, react native is a popular platform for the development of our project. Our present compilation on, React Native Mobile App Development Services provides us with the introduction of various services. Having a brief knowledge of all these services will make it easier for us to develop a highly versatile app.

React Native Mobile App Development Services – Services you must know about

While availing the services of react native development, it is necessary for us to get familiar with them. Here is a glimpse of some of the React Native Mobile App Development Services that you must know when you are getting these services for the project. Kindly go through them and know about them in brief.

React Native E-commerce CMS Apps

E-commerce is the recently increasing trends. While dealing with the E-commerce app, one needs handling a large amount of data. With the services of E-commerce CMS apps, one will be able to get highly versatile apps for handling the content.

React Native ERP

With the help of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) apps, planning the various process of the organization becomes a simple task. Using the appropriate GUI and taking care of the security, the front end developers of the React Native Mobile App Development Company must be able to develop highly effective apps.

React Native Hybrid App Development

Offering the users with ease of access as well as simple development procedure, Hybrid apps are having a lot of benefits. Using the Hybrid App development services, the online business owner will be developing highly efficient apps for the business website. This will surely help in increasing the ROI of the business.

React Native Server-Side APIs for Mobile

Using the Application Programming Interface (API) integration, one can increase the functionality of any platform. This service makes it a simple procedure for the user to share the content from the app to their social media platforms. Due to this, the website will be able to gain a lot of traffic.

React Native Mobile App Support & Maintenance

There is also an essential requirement of providing the services of support and maintenance of the app. With the proper support and maintenance, one can help in the proper up keeping the app. This will prevent uneven breakdowns of the app and also removes the bugs from the system.

Hire React Native App Developers

There are also various instances where the online business owner will require a developer for developing their project. Such kind of developers has to work at their premises so as to maintain the NDA policies. Hence, the React Native Mobile App Development Company must also provide the services of hiring the native app developers.

There are plenty of benefits one can get while developing a project on react native. Hereby, our comprehensive article on, React Native Mobile App Development Services has given us an overview of the various services. Using these services, one will be able to get a highly versatile application for benefiting the performance of the online business.

React Native Mobile App Development Company

by ketan patel

While availing the services of any company, one needs keeping a lot of considerations in mind. Here is our comprehensive article on, React Native Mobile App Development Company in which we are going to explain about the various deliverables one can obtain from such company. Kindly go through them and establish a proper understanding about them, for availing the services in a better way.

Key Deliverables of a React Native Mobile App Development Company

Below is the list of various deliverables from a React Native Mobile App Development Company. These deliverables indicate the quality work as well as the performance of the organization. Kindly go through them and get familiar with all of them.

Better Compatibility

The company must be able to create highly compatible applications. Applications, which can function properly across all the platforms. They should have a better User Interface (UI) as well as User Experience (UX) while using them. This makes the applications user-friendly and encourages more people to use it.

Flexible Engagement Models

The engagement models of the company must be flexible as per the requirement of the client. Due to this, it will become extremely convenient for the clients to choose the best available model for them. In this way, the company can gain a better ROI.

Following the International Coding Guidelines

In order to create highly efficient applications, it is a prerequisite for the developers to following the international coding guidelines. If the developers create the apps following these guidelines, then the apps will be highly compatible with nature. Moreover, such apps also offer a better performance to the user. This makes it easier to turn one time visitors into potential customers.

Seamless Integration

Integrating the app with the other platforms shouldn’t be troublesome. The integration of the app helps in enhancing the functionality of any website. Additionally, with integration, it becomes a simple task for the users to share the various kind of contents from the app to their social media platforms.

Account Manager

It is also necessary for the company to provide the online business owner with the account manager. The account managers make the process of handling the various functions of the app extremely simple. Thus, there must be an account manager readily available so as to make easy modifications in the app.

On time Maintenance

Maintenance of the app is utmost necessary so as to maintain its feasibility. Hence, the development company must also provide the services of on time maintenance to the online business owners. This will help in maintaining the effectiveness of the platform in a long run.

When one is looking for the services of react native development, a business owner requires considering a lot of things. The present article on, React Native Mobile App Development Company will explain us about the various features that a development company must provide. Having an in-depth knowledge of these points will be helpful to you so as to obtain the services in an appropriate manner.

React Native App Development Services

by ketan patel

A perfect framework for creating the Native apps, React Native is offering plenty of benefits to the users. With its wide popularity, there is an increase in the demand for people seeking for these services. Our present article on, React Native App Development Services will provide us with an overview of various development services that one can avail from the development company.

React Native App Development Services

Below given are some of the React Native App development services, that one can avail from the development company. For the online business owners who are seeking for app development, these services will be helpful to them. Go through them and gain a proper understanding of them.

Android App Development

Creating robust applications is pretty much of a simple task with React Native. With this service, one can create highly functional apps accessing whose functions will be a lot easier. The developers must deliver the apps in which accessing the various features and going through the tabs follows a simple procedure.

iOS App Development

With an enhancement in the number of people using iOS platforms. There is an increase in the demand for the applications of iOS. Using iOS app development, creating highly efficient iOS apps will be a simple task.

UI/UX & API Development

It is a pre-requisite for the app to have a better User Interface. Additionally, it must also provide a better user experience to the users. Also, the API development helps in the integration of the app with various social media platforms.

App Customization

Customizing the app makes its application easier. Hence, using the service of React Native App Customization, one can easily set the app in the way they’d want it to appear. In this way, one can create highly attractive applications.

Windows App Development

The market also comprises of the people using the Windows mobile platform. Therefore, creating highly effective windows application is possible with the help of this service.

App Support & Maintenance

It is also necessary to carry out the maintenance of the app at regular intervals. This helps in its proper functioning until a long time period. Besides that, providing it with the proper support can also reduce the possibilities of bugs in the system.

Migrating to React Native Platform

One often requires using the data from one platform on another one. Thus, the development company must also provide the services of migrating to React Native Platform to the users without loss or misinterpretation of data.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform apps are those, which provides a similar UI across the platforms. Due to this, they are becoming very much popular. Hence, the development company must also provide the services of cross-platform app development.

In the present comprehensive article on, React Native App Development Services we are going to explain about various services that one can avail from a development company. Using these services, one will be able to develop highly efficient applications. In this way, it can easily gain popularity among the wide range of users worldwide.